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How to Increase Your Google Ads Click-Through Rate and Quality Score in 2021?

Using SKAGs (Single Keyword Ad Groups) to Drastically Increase Your Click-Through rate and Quality Score?

So you have launched your Google Ads campaign. You have all your extensions, bids, ads and Google tricks in place, however, you are getting a ton of impressions with very few clicks.

Now before you start doubting your campaign and making major tweaks and adjustments, you need to take a step back and think about what it actually means that people are seeing your ad, yet they just aren’t engaging with it as much as you would like. 

This simply means that your ad copy is not relevant to what your searchers are searching for. (Usually, because your ad groups contain a whole lot of keywords and it is difficult for so many search queries to be VERY relevant to ALL those keywords.)

So when they searching for something specific on Google and end up seeing ads that aren’t very appealing or well-targeted then they either won’t click at all or will click very rarely. This explains your large number of impressions but low CTR. 

The solution to this is SKAG (Single Keyword Ad Groups). The idea is simple – if you want the consumers’ search (keywords) to be extremely relevant to your ad, then you need a new and specific ad for every keyword you are bidding on.

This way you can safely know that every keyword you’re bidding on, is matched with a hyper-relevant ad that is going to catch the consumers’ attention and cause them to click. 

Below is an example of a SKAG where “Digital Marketing Packages” is the only keyword in the ad group. 

I then went and wrote ad copy that was very relevant to that SKAG and therefore when someone searched for “Digital Marketing Packages” and saw an ad specifically about “Digital Marketing Packages” then it caused the to click

This will not only improve your CTR but also your Google Ads quality score, and if your quality score is high (e.g. 7/10 +) then your CPC (cost per click) will be lower and thus your whole campaign will benefit from more clicks at a cheaper cost! 

As you can see below, the ad has a CTR of over 51%, a quality score of 10/10 and a very low cost per conversion.