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The 10 Best Free Shopify Apps for E-commerce Businesses in 2021

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10 Best Free Shopify Apps to Boost Your E-commerce Website

As we’ve covered before, Shopify is a great platform for new e-commerce businesses to get started selling online quickly and easily.

One of the main reason for this is the multitude of apps available on the platform, which can greatly extend the functionality of your website.

The downside is that adding many apps can get expensive fast.

Which is a real problem, especially as a growing business.

The biggest hurdle is overcoming that awkward “middle ground” where you have some sales, but your costs are also starting to mount.

A great way to jump across this hurdle is to turbo-charge your marketing to drive up sales.

That’s why we’re going to outline the best Shopify apps you can use to instantly begin boosting your marketing and creating more conversions.

All of which are available 100% free to get started with.


Kit is an AI-assisted tool that can be used to create smart suggestions for your Facebook, Instagram and Email marketing campaigns.

According to them, “Kit looks at your products, visitors, and customers to make informed recommendations for your next marketing move”.

If you don’t have the knack for running your marketing yourself, and can’t afford an agency, a tool like Kit is the next best thing.

While it can’t replace the intuition and skill of a human marketer just yet it’s a great tool for beginners with no idea where to start with digital marketing, or experienced marketers looking for ideas in improving their strategy.

Try it out if you want a great free way to get tailored recommendations on improving your digital marketing strategy.

Product Reviews

Social proof is a great strategy for overcoming the “trust barrier” with new customers, and one of the best ways of creating social proof is allowing product reviews on your site.

The aptly named “Product Reviews” app allows you to do just that.

According to a  guide by Trustpilot, 9 out of 10 customers look at reviews before buying a product online.

This means if you aren’t allowing reviews on your site, your chances of making a first-time sale go down drastically.

So do yourself a favour, allow honest reviews on your site and let your customers sell your products for you.

Sales Notifications

Another great social proof tool, Sales Notifications allows you to consumers actions across your site in real-time, like add to carts and purchases.

This creates a sense of credibility for many consumers because they can see other people trust your business enough to interact with it.

It can also be used to show frequently bought products across the site, which serves as a less formal “review” showing which products people like best.

Check it out if you want an interesting new way to create social proof.

SEO Site Audit

One of the best free ways to get more traffic to your website is investing in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

This is the process of boosting your rankings in search results, so more consumers can find your website on search engines like Google.

When you’re just getting started though, it can be incredibly hard to know where to start.

That’s why SEO Site Audit is such a great tool,

It goes over your site with a comprehensive 10 point checklist, telling you where your site has room for improvement.

Overall it’s just a great free way to see what your site could be doing better to improve SEO and boost rankings.

Improved Contact Form

Giving your customers a way to contact you is another essential tool for generating trust.

Improved Contact Form is a great free tool for creating custom contact forms across your site.

It lets you set up a “Contact Us” page and pop-up button, and we mentioned you can customise the forms themselves.

Another great feature is that it allows you to forward these messages to your personal email, so you never miss a customer trying to reach you.

Having some sort of strategy for engaging directly with customers, whether they have problems or just want more information, is essential in creating trust and brand equity.

You can have up to 3 forms or widgets for free.


Klaviyo is a great piece of marketing automation software which is designed to get you started with email marketing.

Email marketing is a great way to re-engage with customers and create conversions.

Klaviyo lets you set up sophisticated campaigns, which can target consumers based on past behaviours and gives you a lot of data to work with that can improve the rest of your strategy too.

Note: it’s only free up to 200 subscribers and 500 email sends per month, so it’s best for businesses who are new to email marketing.

Digital Downloads

Looking to expand your store to sell digital products like software, music or ebooks?

You may notice Shopify natively has no support for doing this, but the good news is there’s a free app to let you do just that.

Digital Downloads lets you sell digital products to your consumers, automatically forward product updates to customers and “mix and match” orders with both physical and digital goods.

The best part is it’s completely free, so try it out if you’re looking to sell digital products on Shopify.


Cart abandonment marketing is a great way to instantly boost your conversion rates, by remarketing to a very high intent audience you know is interested in your product.

PushOwl is a tool designed to let you integrate your cart abandonment strategy directly into your website.

The tool is primarily designed for push notifications, which are more effective than email at creating conversions out of abandoned carts.

It’s free up to 500 notifications per month, and you can load an unlimited number of subscribers.

Swell Loyalty and Rewards

Loyalty and remarketing programs are the new fads in remarketing strategies and for good reason.

It’s a great way to increase your customer’s engagement with your brand, remarket to them and create conversions all in one.

Swell Loyalty and Rewards is a great tool for handling customer loyalty programs and referral systems all in one place.

It lets you reward customers for things like spending with your store, referring other people, writing reviews or engaging with you on social media.

It’s a great comprehensive tool that does the job it’s designed to do.

It’s free for businesses with less than 100 orders per month.

Remarketing is a great tool for creating direct conversions because you have an incredibly “warm” audience that’s already shown interest in your product by buying it. Upsell & Cross‑sell is a great tool that lets you integrate on-site remarketing to your product pages.

It uses an AI-based system which you can tailor and customise to adjust with how it recommends upselling/cross-selling products to your consumers based on what they’re already buying.

It’s free to install, but they do charge a 2,9% commission on any sales their tools help directly generate.


We hope this gave you some ideas on how to boost your marketing game through your Shopify website.

As you can see, it is possible to get an amazing amount of value out of Shopify with just the basic subscription and some free apps.

A lot of these do serve as a sort of “free trial”, so you may have to start paying as your business grows.

But by being smart about the apps we choose to use, and focusing on those that provide the most direct value in sales, they should pay for themselves many times over.


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