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Twitter Marketing Agency Costs in South Africa

Cover: twitter marketing agency costs in South Africa

What are Twitter Marketing Agency Costs in South Africa? And what can Twitter offer your business? 

Twitter seems like an unlikely place for businesses to market and advertise. It is however a great social media platform, particularly for text-based businesses and businesses that do not have a very visual nature. 

That said, Twitter is one of the more difficult platforms to use. It is notoriously fast-paced and tough – which has to do with ‘trolls’. It is not however impossible. Using a good Twitter Marketing Agency can make a huge difference in how your business is able to reach, interact and grow its audience. 

What does a Twitter Marketing Agency Cost in South Africa?

Much like the other platforms, the price varies depending on the size and type of agency you choose to use. 

While Twitter is “budget-friendly” on its ads side. With ads ranging from $0.50 or approximately R7,50 to around $4,00 or approximately R59, depending on the action desired, you can build a campaign that suits your business needs at that time. 

In terms of Twitter Marketing Agency costs, like most social media platforms this can range from R6250 to well over R25000 – excluding your ad spend. However, it is important to keep in mind that Twitter does require a lot of work, so these ball-park figures are only a starting point. 

It is also important to keep in mind that using a good agency for Twitter is important. A good agency can create true-to-brand, noticeable tweets that take a lot of creativity and skill. So while it may seem like a good idea to go for a low-range agency (in terms of cost), it may be more worthwhile to spend a little more on this platform to get the results. 

What does a Twitter Marketing Agency do for you? 

A Twitter Marketing agency is one agency that is worth spending money on. This has to do with the nature of Twitter as a social media platform. 

A Twitter marketing agency should help your business come up with content. When it comes to Twitter, a lot of content is needed.  Twitter is generally limits content to 140 characters. Short and sweet, but often difficult to create due to its short-form nature. 

You can share other forms of content on the platform (video, images, links etc). The fast-paced nature of Twitter means that you need to post consistently and multiple times a day. 

A Twitter Marketing Agency should also help your business with audience growth and engagement, building campaigns and bringing in leads. 


Twitter seems like an unlikely place for businesses to grow their audiences and convert followers to customers. It actually presents a great opportunity for businesses that are ‘text-based’. It is a fast-moving platform that is difficult to understand and get into on your own. We truly do advise that if Twitter is part of your business’s marketing strategy, you should use a Twitter Marketing Agency. 


Please note this post shouldn’t be considered a quote or advertisement for our services, we’re writing this strictly for informational purposes.