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3 Best Email Marketing Plugins on WordPress

Cover: 3 Best Email Marketing Plugins on WordPress

When it comes to marketing, most businesses look for tools and platforms which make the marketing process a smooth, integrated one. One of the best ways to integrate your marketing and ensure that your message reaches the right customers is by making use of plugins on your website. 

Particularly on WordPress, this lets you have one “master dashboard” that draws data and analytics straight from the backend of your website – for the best accuracy possible. But what are the best email marketing plugins on WordPress? 

HubSpot Email Marketing Plugin on WordPress

One of the most diverse and useful tools available for email marketing is HubSpot. HubSpot is great because it is reliable and has a free WordPress plugin that is suited to helping businesses grow. 

A key feature that makes HubSpot a great email marketing platform is that you can create your marketing emails with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop tool. This allows even those with no background or experience to create beautiful and professional emails. All of this works towards growing and engaging your audience. 

Additionally, the HubSpot email plugin is automatically connected to the HubSpot CRM. This means that you can personalise emails based on the data received from your form submissions. This includes the ability to personalise subject lines, the actual content, attachments and more all based off the subscribers information provided. 

Another great aspect of HubSpot’s email tool is that it is relatively cost effective. With a free membership you can send up to 2000 emails a month and it is quick and easy to upgrade your plan as your needs change. 

MailChimp Email Marketing Plugin on WordPress

On the same level as HubSpot, MailChimp is one of the most popular email marketing platforms available. MailChimp also has a WordPress plugin that allows you to connect your MailChimp in a quick and effective way. 

With the MailChimp plugin you can easily create custom mobile-friendly forms for your WordPress site. The MailChimp plugin integrates with a wide variety of other eCommerce plugins. With a premium subscription you can send automatic notifications and view detailed campaign reports. 

However the one drawback of the MailChimp plugin is the cost. While there is a free option, it only allows you to create and add forms to your site. If you need additional functionality you will need to upgrade to a premium licence, for which the pricing begins at $59 (approximately R1020) per year. 

Costing does not make MailChimp a top choice for start-ups and small businesses. However, its features and integrations make it worth considering. It does allow you to create complex, personalised marketing campaigns and flows very well with the MailChimp platform. 

Email Subscribers and Newsletters Email Marketing Plugin on WordPress

This plugin is one of the best. It has all the features of a dedicated platform plugin (such as MailChimp). Because it does not require a third-party platform or connection, it is very powerful. 

Like the previous plugins mentioned, with the Email Subscribers and Newsletters plugin you can add subscription forms, send out emails and newsletters and more. You can create and manage lists, automate email flows, and receive data on the emails you send. 

Because it makes use of its own server, and does not need a third-party subscription or tools, it is one of the most direct plugins out there. There is a free version for start-ups and small businesses. The premium version (starting at $9 approximately R160) has extra features. These gestures include built-in spam filtering, email templates and more. 

Additionally what makes this plugin great is that is is a fuss-free solution that allows you to quickly and easily manage emails directly from your website. 


While there are a wide variety of email marketing plugins on WordPress. To choose the best one you need to consider what stage your business is in. Think about what you are planning to use it for, and how many people you are currently targeting. Each of these factors paired with if you already have an existing email marketing strategy and which platforms you have made use of can influence your decision. 

While choosing an all-in-one plugin may seem appealing. It may not suit a start-up with limited funds. Especially if you’re not going to be using all of the features. Similarly if you have a large list, choosing a platform and plugin that is integrated with a CRM is infinitely useful.