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5 Quick Reasons Why Your Business Should Consider SEO

5 Quick Alternative Business Perks of SEO

SEO has a lot of benefits such as higher conversion rates, being a high source of lead generation, helping your website receive more clicks than PPC and so forth… but what are some alternative reasons you should consider when wanting to integrate SEO into your marketing plans?

SEO Leads to Better UX (user-experience)

Websites constantly have improvements that can be made, optimization is never-ending. So lets make sure your websites user-experience is maximised. Ensure it is providing your audience with relevant information and content that supports your vision, mission and offerings. Your website should be easy to navigate and mobile friendly, this will help prevent potential leads from dropping off. By doing this, it’ll keep users on your website for longer periods, get you more clicks, leads and a positive brand recall. All these positives show that you are fulfilling the users needs and showing Google that you are relevant – this is what search engines are looking for and in return they will increase your search rankings.

SEO Builds Brand Credibility

People trust Google… a lot of users search in order to become more informed. Therefore, this gives you the opportunity to educate customers and influence their decision making. This is why you want to show up on Google searches, rank high, and in turn create a large sense of credibility.

SEO Targets Quality Traffic By The Use of Inbound Marketing

Lets face it, no one enjoys interruptive adverting. So why not be more customer-centric and start focusing on permission marketing? This creates a more enjoyable experience for the potential customer, as you’re not reaching out to the customer, they’re reaching out to you. Meaning, the customer already has some sort of interest so make it easy for interested leads to find you!

SEO is a Money Saving Option!

This one is simple. You don’t have to pay for ads or to rank on top like you do with PPC.

Remember Your Competition

The chances of your competitors investing in SEO in order to grow and become more superior are high. The large majority of people start their online consumer journey with an internet search – don’t miss out on this opportunity and fall behind.

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