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Best Email Marketing Apps for Shopify

Cover: Best Email Marketing Apps for Shopify

Shopify is a hugely popular tool for eCommerce businesses worldwide. Shopify is well-thought-out in its nature. There are a number of email marketing apps for Shopify specifically that make using email marketing easy. 


When you tie Shopify into email marketing, it can become a powerful marketing tool for businesses. Regardless of if you are just starting out or have been in business for a while, these tools can make a huge difference in the way you communicate with your customers. 


So what are the Best Email Marketing Apps for Shopify? 


Klaviyo Email Marketing App for Shopify 

Klaviyo is one of the top email marketing platforms out there. It is no wonder that Klaviyo has an effective and highly rated email marketing app for Shopify. Additionally, Klaviyo has a 4-star rating on the Shopify app platform.  


Klaviyo is an email marketing platform that gives you the power to build your brand. You are able to create ownership of your brand and the interactions you have with your customers. Which, paired with Klaviyo’s powerful data integrations, enable you to build long-term customer relationships. Additionally, with Klaviyo’s templates, you are able to customise your email communications to ensure that your customers feel seen. 


With the Klaviyo Email Marketing app for Shopify, you get some great tools that help you run your business. 


You are able to sync your Shopify data quickly and easily. This allows you to ensure you are on top of your email communications and the interactions on your site. 


The Klaviyo app also allows the automation of a number of different emails. These include your welcome flow, birthday messages and abandon cart flows. You can customise and adapt each email to ensure your customers are getting personalised actionable information each time. 


Another tool that helps you personalise your emails and campaigns is segmentation. Segmentation ensures that whichever emails you send you are able to ensure they are reaching the right portion of your customer base. This in turn helps you boost engagement which ultimately means more conversions and more revenue. 


Reporting is an equally important aspect of email marketing. The Klaviyo email marketing app for Shopify has a great reporting function to help you understand what is driving sales. It uses data and pre-built reports to help you understand what makes the sales in your business. 


Finally, the Klaviyo email app for Shopify also includes benchmarks based on the data collected from the thousands of businesses that use the app. This allows you to ensure that your email marketing campaigns are effective. 


MailChimp Email Marketing App for Shopify 

If you have done any kind of email marketing, you have probably heard of MailChimp. As one of the most popular email marketing platforms available, it is no surprise that they have an email app for Shopify. 


MailChimp is ideal for businesses both big and small. You have access to thousands of different email templates, and the ability to target customers, gather insights and grow your business. 


The MailChimp email app for Shopify has many great features. 

Like the MailChimp platform, the Shopify app allows you to create automations to make your workload a little lighter. You are able to automate a wide variety of email types including cart abandonment emails, and re-engagement emails. All of this is done through the MailChimp Customer Journey Builder. 

The ability to incorporate and use MailChimp’s templates paired with their easy-to-use design tools are great for all businesses. These tools give you the power to create and send emails to your customers that truly represent your brand. 

Additionally, to ensure that your emails reach the right customers the MailChimp email app for Shopify offers advanced segmentation and personalisation. This can be used to target different segments of your audience based on various demographics and details. 

These features, together with the many others the MailChimp email app for Shopify offers, make it a powerful tool. You have the ability to improve your email marketing and grow your business. 


Omnisend Email Marketing & SMS app for Shopify 

With well over 4.75 stars, the Omnisend email app for Shopify is highly rated by its users. Over 70000 users in fact. The Omnisend app is great for eCommerce businesses as it is easy to use and fully integrated with Shopify.


The Omnisend Email app for Shopify makes use of pre-built workflows and automation specifically designed for eCommerce businesses. You can automate welcome flows, abandoned cart flows and post-sales flows among others. 


Omnisend also makes use of a drag-and-drop email designer with templates that are responsive across devices. This means you can create beautiful emails that are shoppable, make use of coupon codes and even recommend products. 


Additionally, you can grow your database with ease. The Omnisend email app for Shopify allows you to collect data with opt-ins, sign-up bars and more. The app also incorporates an email list cleaning tool to help you ensure that you are not wasting time and money sending out communications to dud email addresses. Tied into this is their great segmentation which helps you send personalised messages. 


Another great aspect of the Omnisend email app for Shopify is that it also includes analytics. You can ensure that your campaigns are performing and that your buyer journey is appropriate for their stage in the process. 


Privy, Pop-Ups, Email & SMS app for Shopify

The Privy email app for Shopify is also among the top-rated apps available. Privy is great for businesses small and large. It allows you to manage and grow your email campaigns with ease. The best part is that it is integrated with Shopify.


Privy email app for Shopify provides hundreds of templates for you to choose from and customise. These templates vary from banners, sign-up bars, forms and more. 


With the emails you design, you can ensure that you are targeting the right audiences. This in turn will help you improve your conversion rates. Ultimately if you are able to identify, segment and target the correct audience with personalised content, you are likely to make more sales. 


Additionally, like most other email apps for Shopify, you are able to automate certain processes and email flows. These can include follow-up emails, cart abandonment flows and newsletters among many others. 

The final aspect that makes Privy email app for Shopify so great is that you can measure and monitor results in real time. You are able to implement A/B testing and monitor what works best. You can ensure that your campaigns are working, while they are working.

Shopify’s Email Marketing App For Shopify

Finally, Shopify have their own email app for Shopify. Rated 4/5 stars, this app is useful and, of course, easy to use with shopify. 


The Shopify email app helps shop owners connect, engage and build lasting relationships with their customers. You are able to send branded content to your customers directly from your Shopify platform. 


Shopify’s email app also makes use of various templates. These include product showcases, restock emails, holiday greetings, newsletters and more. The templates are a great way to help you grow the relationship with your customers by keeping them informed. Additionally, they are easy to edit to ensure that it aligns with your brand. 


One of the key aspects of the Shopify email app that helps new business owners is the ability to schedule emails to send at different times. This gives you the power to be involved in the everyday running of your business as well as the marketing. 


Shopify’s email marketing app also allows you to automate different email campaigns and tasks based off of personalised, segmented information. This in turn helps you ensure that you are able to target customers based on where they are in their buying process. 


From this you are also able to measure and track results. These results can include click-through rates, products added to carts, purchases and more. 



There are so many different email marketing apps available for businesses using Shopify. However it is important to ensure that your business makes use of the one that is best for you. Whether it is important for your business to automate, track or grow, the different apps can help you do that.