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Best Klaviyo Email Templates for eCommerce

Cover: Best Klaviyo Email Templates for eCommerce

Klaviyo is one of the top email marketing platforms available for businesses. It is a great tool to help you ensure that your business is sending out emails that reach and engage your customers. To help you, we found the best Klaviyo email templates for eCommerce businesses. The best part is that these templates are part of their platform and available for their users. 

Klaviyo offers basic templates for each business to edit and customise to suit your needs. There are several templates available on their website, and they are aimed at a wide variety of business types. 

For eCommerce, there are three main templates you can choose. 


Klaviyo’s Hero Email Template

Klaviyo Email Template
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The Hero template from Klaviyo is designed to showcase a specific product. This could be to highlight a new product you have added to your collection or to bring awareness to a product that is back in stock. The ultimate aim of the Hero template from Klaviyo is to bring a single product to the attention of your audience. 

The Hero email template is neat, easy to read and great for businesses large and small. The template has a heading, main image, short description and a CTA. 





Klaviyo’s Collection Email Template 

Klaviyo Email Template
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While it is great to share a new or restocked item with your customers, often you will want to share more than just one product. For this Klaviyo has a ‘Collection’ template. This email template allows you to feature multiple products as you may find in a seasonal collection or group of products. It does this by having multiple images and description boxes, which give you the power to showcase the best of your collection in one email. 

The template makes use of one main image (or hero image as Klaviyo call it) and between 3 and 6 different but related product images. Additionally, it contains a more editorial style with a tagline, and CTA too. 



Informational Email Template from Klaviyo 

Klaviyo Email Template
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This is a great template to help customers and interested potential customers find information about your products. Often used for blog round-ups and as a way to convey content that may not be easily found on your website. 

This email template is akin to a newsletter. It can share updates and information with your customers that you deem to be relevant to them. 

To ensure that you get as much traffic from the email as possible it includes both images and text descriptions. Each can include a CTA to read/find out more information by following the link. 



These basic templates are a great place for you to start designing your email marketing. Each one has many uses and multiple options to edit and adjust your design. 

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