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Best Times to Post on TikTok for Maximum Engagement

Cover: Best times to post on TikTok for maximum engagement

Is there a ‘ best time’ to post on TikTok to help you grow your audience and help your business gain the maximum engagement from your content?

If you have been using any social media platform for any amount of time, you will probably have worked out that there are times that you post and not a single soul sees it, and other times you post and it seems to reach the whole world (well we would like to think so).

It seems these days that each social media platform has a unique identity. From user demographics to algorithms, the times you should be posting, to the different types of content, each platform is different. 

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Everyone keeps saying TikTok is different…

Yes and no. TikTok is a Chinese app focused on short-form video content. The TikTok algorithm is very different from the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Certain aspects however tend to apply across the platforms. 

TikTok boasts a huge user base – over 750 million people around the world are using the app monthly as of 2022. It also boasts engagement levels that other platforms have only dreamed of. So you should post any time right?


Unfortunately, user engagement is highly dependent on when users access the app. 

Just like there are certain times where you should post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to maximise your engagement, so too are there times that you should post on TikTok. 

More than that, like the other platforms, there is also an optimal number of times you should be posting in a day. 

So When should you Post on TikTok?

This can be broken down into general times, as well as times each day that have been shown to increase engagement. 

On a general level, the best times to post on TikTok are between 6 am and 10 am and then again between 7 pm and 11 pm. This lets you reach users during the natural “downtime” they experience during the day – when they have some uninterrupted time to scroll through their favourite social media apps. 

However, a day by day breakdown can also be useful – which is why we’ve created a handy cheat sheet for you:

Best times to post on TikTok day by day to gain maximum engagement and reach the right audiences

These times should be largely applicable to anywhere in the world – if you want to target an international audience look up the time zone differences and plan accordingly! 

While these times are a guideline based on times when engagement spikes, they can help you take some of the guesswork out of TikTok. 

If you look at the times, they line up with the routine of your average working or studying person. People are more likely to scroll on social media (and TikTok particularly) when they have a few moments spare. 

These can be during their commute, around lunch or tea breaks, again on the commute home and later at home while they are relaxing. In fact, at home when your audience is relaxing they tend to “watch” TikTok rather than scrolling through. 

But who is going to get up at 2 am to post?

Don’t worry about it. There are plenty of apps that allow you to schedule your posts for you. While a business TikTok has some limitations (particularly in terms of commercial use music), it can schedule your posts too. 


It is important to remember that you want your target audience to see your content and engage with it. These times are guidelines to help you post at times when you are more likely to get good engagement with your audience. 

It is important to remember that TikTok is a fun, easy platform for creative content and that some content will go viral because of its nature, while sometimes playing around with timing can help. 


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