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Essops Home Furniture

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Essops Home Furniture


Essops Home Furniture

Essops Home is a furniture and homeware business that’s been around since 1991.

They specialise in helping their customers style their homes with a variety of local and international furniture brands, at an affordable price.

They came to us for help with optimising conversions across their digital platforms.

Essops Home Logo


Return on Ad Spend


Sales generated in 3 months


Generated through abandoned cart emails

Syte Marketing Case Study – Essops Home Furniture

We love eCommerce as it’s black or white and we love the furniture industry as we have years of experience in ensuring companies get an incredible return on ad spend (ROAS).

We concentrated on the user journey and by using conversion optimization techniques we were able to increase conversions rates by over 23% in the first month.

To feed the site with more traffic we used Facebook Ads and emailers to engage with high-purchase intent users

Facebook Campaigns:

Facebook campaigns are all about showing the perfect content to the right person at the right time. We were able to craft high purchase intent audiences by using:

  • Remarketing Audiences
  • Past Purchasing Audiences
  • Strong Lookalikes
  • Cart Abandonment Nudges

By doing this we were able to get more than a 20x return on our Ad spend.

Conversion Optimization:

Conversion optimization is crucial in any eCommerce site and in particular sites which have a relatively high ticket item. We ran navigation experiment changes with personalisation experiments to get over 20% improvement in the site-wide conversion rate.


Email marketing is often called “the forgotten marketing medium” which is a great shame as email typically provides the best nag for ones buck.

We were able to get over R200k in revenue in 3 months for almost no cost (as is the nature with email marketing)

One can run all marketing mediums totally independently of each other but then one definitely misses a trick. It’s important to ensure the copy on the landing page matches the copy and message in one’s Ads in order to get the best possible return.

When running email and Facebook campaigns it’s also crucial to keep in mind which device the user is receiving the Ad/email on so one can tailor the end experience directly to the user.

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