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Facebook Marketing Agency Costs in South Africa 

Cover: Facebook Marketing Agency Costs in South Africa

Facebook Marketing Agency Costs in South Africa tend to be quite the mystery. But we don’t see why they should be. 

Facebook Marketing and Digital Marketing. These have quickly become some of the most used forms of marketing in the world. While there are almost as many ways to market online as there are to cook potatoes, not all of them will be best for your business or your budget. 

How much does it actually cost to use Facebook Marketing Agencies in South Africa? And what is included in the cost of using these agencies? 

What does a Facebook Marketing Agency Cost in South Africa? 

The lowest amount you could expect to pay an agency would be between R6250 per month excluding the money spent on Faceook Ads (a reasonable starting budget is around R3000 per month) and R7500 per month (again excluding Facebook ad costs). The lower end of this range would be for a very small agency/entry level agency, while a cost of R7500 is more realistic for a boutique agency

On the other hand generalist agencies that have a wide variety of services in their offering can often charge anywhere from R25000 upwards – depending on the services you opt to sign up for. Again these costs usually exclude Facebook’s ad costs. 

These costs should include a variety of services ranging from content creation and audience building to bringing in leads and reporting. 

What Facebook has to Offer Digital Marketing

Facebook is one of the older and more diverse social media platforms around. It makes use of a large variety of social media formats. This includes: 

  • Text-based posts
  • Image posts 
  • Video posts
  • Photo albums & carousels 
  • Links
  • Questions 
  • And Events

This gives your business an array of opportunities to use Facebook marketing to gain customers and grow your community. 

Paired with the growing evidence that using Facebook as a marketing tool can help improve sales makes it almost a no-brainer. 

What does a Facebook Marketing Agency do For you?

Facebook marketing agencies range in the services that they offer. This primarily depends on whether they are a “full service” or “generalist” agency or a boutique agency. 

Often the key difference between the two types of agencies is their focus. Boutique agencies tend to focus on very specific platforms, and areas of digital marketing. Generalist agencies tend to offer a large variety of services and skills. 

While we tend to suggest utilising a multi-platform approach, if you are only interested in Facebook marketing, you could make use of either, depending on your budget. 

For a boutique agency you could expect to pay less than if you were to go for a generalist agency. This decision usually depends on your needs and your budget. 


Facebook is one of the most diverse and useful social media to run a marketing campaign on. It offers a large user base, variety of post types and good advertising opportunities. For a small business with a small budget it is possible to do Facebook advertising on your own, however this has many disadvantages. Facebook marketing agencies are a great resource when you have more budget available (ranging from R6250 to well over R25000) because you are putting your trust in their range of skills and large amount of experience. 


Please note this post shouldn’t be considered a quote or advertisement for our services, we’re writing this strictly for informational purposes.