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Fast Facts About LinkedIn – Digital Marketer’s Directory

Fast Facts About LinkedIn – Digital Marketer’s Directory


Ask anyone in 2019 if they have a LinkedIn profile and we bet the majority will say yes; those who don’t are likely either in an industry that is not tech-savvy, do not have the knowledge or resources required to effectively run a LinkedIn campaign, or do not fall into your target audience (this may come about if you ask a 17 year old if they have a profile, take it with a pinch of salt)

Some fast facts about LinkedIn are an excellent opportunity to showcase how vital this social tool is.

  • LinkedIn started on May 5, 2003
  • It went public in May 19, 2011
  • LinkedIn has 590 million members*
  • 2 new users join every second*
  • 42 million unique mobile visitors per month*
  • 107 million users are in the USA alone*
  • LinkedIn’s user goal is 3 billion registered users
  • Average time a user spends on LinkedIn is 17 minutes per month (not a lot, proof of how effective your ads need to be)
  • 25 million LinkedIn profiles are viewed every day*
  • One in three professionals are on LinkedIn
  • You can increase your LinkedIn views x 11 simply by including a professional photo
  • 57% of users visit LinkedIn via mobile*
  • The average number of connections on Linkedin is 930*
  • 13% of millennials use LinkedIn*
  • 39 million students and recent grads are on LinkedIn*
  • 56% of members are male while 44% of members are female*
  • 30,000 long form posts are published on LinkedIn every week
  • 41% of millionaires use LinkedIn* (ching ching)
  • 13% of LinkedIn users don’t have a Facebook account (hello, client, this is reality calling!)
  • 59% of LinkedIn users don’t visit Twitter (one missed call: reality)
  • LinkedIn users spend 26% of their time on LinkedIn using the mobile app*

Get in, get ahead and get digital results.

*At time of publication.

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