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How to boost user engagement using TikTok 

Cover: How to Boost User Engagement on TikTok

Over the last few weeks, we have covered a huge amount of content on why TikTok is a great platform for any business. So how do you boost user engagement on TikTok? 

TikTok is a great platform. It is relatively new on the scene – meaning it’s not oversaturated. It has also shown exponential growth in users – up to 1 billion monthly users. However one of the most defining features of TikTok is how engaged its users are on the platform. 

In this era of digital marketing and online interactions, user engagement is a great way to market your product or service. 

Therefore TikTok can be a tool businesses can and should be using to help their brand grow. 

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How do you use TikTok to boost user engagement?

TikTok has possibly the highest engagement rates on social media at the moment. The question really should be, what is your business doing to get its share. How can your business tap into the engagement that so often leads to sales? Does this mean you should be trying to go ‘viral’? 

There is a huge amount of power associated with ‘going viral’ on any platform, but even more so – TikTok. With around an 18% engagement rate and billions of users using the hashtag: #tiktokmademebuyit, going viral on this app can catapult your business from local to global. 

With that being said, there is no real set formula for going viral – it’s a moving target and it’s incredibly difficult to predict what will catch on. 

While there is no surefire way to guarantee that you will go viral, there are some tips that will help you boost engagement and help your business grow. And who knows, maybe you will go viral. 


A is for Authenticity

A number one tip from most businesses that have gone viral is to be authentic. Users on the TikTok app love authentic, original content. An important factor of this, is they want to see you! TikTok users love to engage with people – not just accounts. When you make content that shows off your authentic self as well as your business, these videos will often do better than faceless business videos. 

Consistency is key

The key to TikTok is consistency. Because your video views are not actually related to your account (link to prev post), posting consistently is an important characteristic for businesses that have done well on the platform. 

This is often easier said than done. How can you come up with all that content, create it, and post it? 

Using the basic principles of marketing – help your audience solve a problem. In fact the four most popular types of content on TikTok that lead to business success are:

  • Tutorials
  • Business advice
  • Behind the scenes
  • Aesthetic videos

These help your audience trust your business and a trusting audience is an audience that is closer to buying from you. 

Community Engagement

A third key aspect to doing well on the TikTok platform is consistently communicating with your audience. Respond to their comments. Comment on videos they share. Comment on videos of other businesses like yours. 

Another great way to incorporate this is by asking your audience questions – similar to a call-to-action. By encouraging your viewers to comment on their favourite option or what they found most interesting, and then responding, you again can build a level of community and trust around your brand. 

Remember – a vital part of sales is knowing your audience inside and out. So spend the time getting to know them, understand their interests and what they like from you. 

Quality is Important

It is important to note that the quality of your videos should be good. They do not need to be professional-level videos with all the sound and lighting. Clear, well lit, engaging content is the best kind of content on TikTok. Using fun sounds and trending hashtags is also a great way to help your videos go viral. 



Another great thing about TikTok is that the content you create on TikTok can be used on other platforms. Just make sure you remove the TikTok logo – as this may not present as professional enough on other platforms. 

This can help your business grow, not only on TikTok but also on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 



With TikTok, the question is not how to grow engagement, but rather how to tap into the engagement that already exists on the platform. With users that are excited and interested TikTok is a great platform to help any brand grow and convert. 

By ensuring your content is authentic, consistent and engaging, you are more likely to have users that engage with you and your brand. 

It only takes one viral video to launch your business on a global scale – so keep at it consistently and you’ll get there eventually!



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