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How to use TikTok for B2B brands in 2022

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Since its development in 2016, TikTok has exploded in an exponential way. With well over a billion users worldwide, this social media platform has quickly become one of the most watched, and used platforms on the internet. While B2C companies have hopped on the trend, how can B2B brands use TikTok in 2022?

While for most the thought of TikTok brings about images of silly teenaged girls and boys doing some ridiculous dance or trend, the platform has rapidly become one that businesses turn to to engage with their customers. 

That is fabulous for B2C brands (check out our guide: TikTok Marketing: The Ultimate Guide for SA Businesses), but could it work for B2B brands in the same way as B2C brands? 

We think so! 


Why is TikTok great for B2B brands? 

Although TikTok may seem similar to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter in its endless scrolling and social nature, what sets TikTok apart from other social media platforms is its algorithm. TikTok does not use your profile, previous content engagement, or following in their algorithm.

One of the biggest reasons that TikTok is great for businesses is because the videos that are shared are ranked independently of the creator. Further TikTok’s algorithm is designed to show users what they want to watch (which can bring in more potential customers). 

This is incredibly valuable as other platforms like Facebook increasingly throttle the performance of organic content posted by businesses, in an effort to encourage them to invest in paid advertising.

TikTok is a powerful tool to help any business reach their client – because even in B2B businesses, there are people behind the brand. 


How to Use TikTok Effectively as a B2B Brand 

Screenshot of a company participating in the #BossIt2021 challenge launched by Sage
Picture of the video a company entered  in the #BossIt2021 challenge launched by Sage

1) Use great hashtags to optimise your reach on TikTok

Hashtags work on TikTok in a similar way to Keywords for SEO. By selecting the right hashtags for your vide

os, TikTok can help you connect to a vast network of professionals and people, both locally and globally.

By using carefully selected hashtags, businesses can gain huge exposure and attract the “right” users from the platform, engage with their customers and answer their burning questions.

This was what Sage Accounting did when they ran their #BossIt2021 campaign which highlighted small businesses in the UK. It also generated a huge number of leads and connections to other businesses.



Screenshot of a Washington Post Employee who makes their TikToks
Washington Post has successfully embraced TikTok as a social media platform

2) Show the Human Side of your B2B Brand on TikTok

Although B2B can often seem impersonal and cold, TikTok gives B2B brands the ability to connect to potential clients in a “human” way. 

You can do this by sharing “Tips and Tricks”, your business story, workflow or even how your team has fun.

These simple things help build trust for your brand and show that you are not just a brand, but rather, passionate human beings!

A big part of this is to have fun! Use trending sounds and video ideas where they align with your brand’s message. Add some humour! Do something to show your company is relatable. Which is exactly what The Washington Post has done! They have highlighted their company values and culture while bringing in an element of fun. 



Screenshot of Canva.coms TikTok feed showing their educational and informative content shares educational tutorials for both B2B and B2C customers on their TikTok Feed

3) Engage with your audience on TikTok

Engaging with your potential customers has so many benefits. It is a great way to bring about brand awareness. It can help attract a wider audience, and encourage them to learn more about your brand. 

Using functions such as the Q&A in the Comments, hashtags that attract the people interested in your product or service and even occasionally including a call to action in your bite-sized videos are all great ways to draw your audience in. 

Canva does this particularly well by sharing tutorials to help users with new or different features. This educational content gives users a sense of trust in the brand, while indirectly advertising their paid features. 



TikTok can be a phenomenal tool for B2B businesses. It is able to humanise, engage and attract audiences and potential customers. It is important to ensure that your business has a solid plan for content. When you create content that is engaging and useful, the return on investment can be profound. 

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