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LinkedIn Marketing Agency Costs in South Africa 

Cover: LinkedIn marketing agency costs in South Africa

Linkedin Marketing Agency in South Africa costs in South Africa – we think it is worth it for any business. 


Social network LinkedIn is the go-to professional networking site in the world. Facebook, Instagram Twitter and TikTok offer excellent solutions for businesses looking for B2C leads and customers. LinkedIn provides a unique inroad for brands looking for B2B customers and leads


LinkedIn, like the other social networking platforms, uses an auction or bidding model for their advertising. Additionally, LinkedIn also work with your goals by using “objective-based pricing”


It can be tricky to find a Linkedin Marketing Agency that suits your industry, but also your budget. That said, it can take a huge amount of work off your plate too. It is a balance that you need to work out for your business based on your needs. 


So How Much Does a LinkedIn Marketing Agency Cost in South Africa

While a LinkedIn Marketing Agency can help your business grow its B2B leads and help you reach the decision-makers you need, the costs shouldn’t vary too much from the other social networking platforms. 


How much you decide to spend on an agency should depend on your business size, budget and the goals you want to achieve. 


The starting point for costs of a LinkedIn Marketing Agency in South Africa is generally around R6250 per month. This excludes the actual costs of the ads on LinkedIn. The starting point for ad costs on LinkedIn is approximately R150 per day (depending on the exchange rate) – meaning you need to budget a minimum of around R4500 per month if you want to run throughout the month. 


In total you’re looking at a starting point of around R10 000 + per month. This makes it one of the more expensive platforms to outsource. This is because of the specialist knowledge LinkedIn ads demand – as well as the fact that their minimum charges for ads are comparatively high. 


A LinkedIn Marketing Agency that is well established and has a variety of skills and services would likely charge around R25000 per month or more – depending on what services and skills your business needs. 


However, R25000 is by no means the market cap. Large agencies can cost a lot more. And again, these costs usually exclude the ad costs. 


What does a LinkedIn Marketing Agency do?

A LinkedIn Marketing Agency will offer a variety of services. This depends on the size of the agency and the work you need to oursource. 


The costs for using a LinkedIn Marketing Agency should include at the very least a variety of services such as:

  • Content Creation 
  • Audience Building
  • Lead Generation
  • Reporting


However, as LinkedIn offer a variety of different ad types and options for your goals, this is dependent on the agency. 

It’s important to shop around and find an agency that matches your budget and has all the skills you need to make the best of this demanding platform. 


LinkedIn is one of the top professional networking sites in the world. Because of its professional nature, it is a great place for companies to find B2B leads and customers. While other social networking platforms offer a great solution for B2C leads, LinkedIn can help you reach the decision-makers and key individuals within an organisation. 


LinkedIn offers a variety of different ad types and options for businesses. Each LinkedIn Marketing Agency will have a different cost model. The general price range of a LinkedIn Marketing Agency in South Africa can be anywhere from R6250 to well over R25000 per month excluding ad costs. 


Please note this post shouldn’t be considered a quote or advertisement for our services, we’re writing this strictly for informational purposes.