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The Best Third Party Mailchimp Email Templates for eCommerce Businesses

Email marketing is one of the most effective and valuable forms of marketing available to eCommerce businesses. There are a huge variety of email marketing platforms available. Additionally there are thousands of templates you could use for each email marketing platform. With MailChimp being one of the most used platforms out there, it’s a great place to start but you’re immediately faced with a challenge. How do you choose the right temaplate to work your emails off of?
That’s why in this article we’re going to go over the best third party Mailchimp email templates for eCommerce businesses.


Features of Great Third Party Mailchimp Email Templates

Whether you need a welcome sequence, newsletter template or promotional email campaign, MailChimp is one of the best platforms for your eCommerce business. It is important however to remember that a great email platform is not enough if your template is not enticing to your audience. 

It is essential to consider aspects of your template design such as responsiveness and the use of tables to ensure it is neat and clear among others. 

Below are some of the best and top-rated templates available for MailChimp users. 


KantKant: Third Party Mailchimp Email Templates

Kant is responsive and is compatible with a variety of email clients (e.g. Gmail, outlook). It is considered to be a great email template for start-ups. With a twelve-column grid and over 50 sections, it is easy to understand why. 

Kant is easy to adjust to fit your brand needs. It boasts some highly interactive features that encourage user engagement. Additionally, Kant includes pre-built templates for marketing and notification emails. 

Kant is designed by ThemeMountain and costs $24 (approximately R410) and includes everything you could need as a start-up to engage with your customers. 


MyBagMyBag: Third Party Mailchimp Email Templates

MyBag is an email template set that is designed with eCommerce businesses in mind. It is available across a variety of platforms and email clients. MyBag is also extremely user-friendly for those who do not have experience with coding. It makes use of a module composer which allows you to quickly and efficiently design your emails without grey hair. 

The MyBag template is responsive and adapts across a wide range of devices. Additionally, it boasts its “Retina Ready” nature and clear crisp images without pixelation. 

MyBag is available for use through EnvatoElements, which is a monthly subscription service that gives you access to a variety of resources for your business. 


FeliciaFelicia: Third Party Mailchimp Email Templates

This email template should make you want to say “Hi Felicia”. Great for eCommerce emails in whatever form they may take, Felicia, is a modern, easy-to-use email template. The Felicia templates are responsive and Retina Ready. This means that they are accessible and adaptable across all device sizes. 

Like MyBag, Felicia makes use of the module composer tool. This allows you to design your email to suit your needs. It makes use of 11 different modules to help you in your design efforts. This helps ensure your email represents your brand. 

Felicia is available for use through EnvatoElements, which is a monthly subscription service that gives you access to a variety of resources for your business. 



When it Naomi: Third Party Mailchimp Email Templatescomes to eCommerce businesses, one of the most important email templates you can use is a promotional email template. The Naomi template is built for this. With 6 different promotional email templates which can be edited and adjusted to suit your business needs, Naomi is great for eCommerce. 

Naomi is a great template for your promotional emails as it allows you to upload crisp clear images. Like the other templates mentioned it too is responsive and ‘Retina Ready’ making your emails available to users across devices.

Naomi is available for use through EnvatoElements


MadelineMadeline: Third Party Mailchimp Email Templates

Madeline email templates are great for niche online stores and businesses. The templates have a simple and easy to personalise design in place. This makes Madeline email templates are a great choice for those who are looking to gain new customers within their niche. 

Using 9 different modules, you can design an email that fully represents your brand. The Madeline templates are responsive and look great across all platforms and devices. 

EnvatoElements recommends that the Madeline template set is great for fashion brand with its modern and elegant style. 



Like with all the different kinds of marketing and all the kinds of businesses, email marketing templates are very much a subjective choice. It is important to consider what suits your business and your needs before committing to one over another.  You want to keep the look and feel of campaigns consistent – but don’t feel to change things if they aren’t working. If you’re just starting out, a platform such as EnvatoElements which lets you try out a bunch of different options to find the right fit may be the best choice for you.