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The Best WordPress eCommerce Themes

The Best WordPress eCommerce Themes

To design a successful online store you need to know your way around computers and have time on your hands, right? Not necessarily. The good news is that while this might have been true in the past, today an almost endless supply of easily accessible tools and CMS’s (Content Management Systems) can be found online. WordPress is one of the most popular options, especially for e-commerce businesses, because of its extreme customizability and low cost of entry. That’s because many of the most popular WordPress eCommerce themes offer trial periods that allow you to get a feel for the theme before committing to buying or have free versions that are perfectly functional without needing to upgrade to paid plans. 

Choosing the right theme is essential, however, both for the performance and user experience of your site. So, here’s our pick of a few of 2022’s best eCommerce themes for WordPress.  


With over 1 million installations, Astra is one of the most popular eCommerce themes. The theme enables you to fully personalise almost every aspect of your eCommerce site and includes several starting site designs for a wide variety of niches. Astra is also compatible with many well-known page builder plugins to allow for even more customisation and control. 

Astra WordPress Features 

  • Performance Focused – automatically optimised code, self-hosted fonts and no jQuery blocking
  • Customizability – fully customisable and mobile-friendly layouts, headers and footers
  • WooCommerce integration for designing your storefront 

Astra WordPress Cost 

Astra offers a free plan as well as a handful of paid plans with additional features and upgrades. The theme’s free version will suffice for newly opened online stores, but in order to take advantage of the eCommerce features, you will need to upgrade to one of their paid plans starting from $59. 


Divi is another popular theme that delivers in terms of customisability. With close to 1000 premade layouts to choose from, it’s possible to let your imagination run wild and bring your dream design to life. Another noteworthy feature is the drag-and-drop interface of Divi’s page builder that enables simple and real-time changes without needing to access the back end of your site or modify the CSS by hand. Divi proves that you don’t need to be a computer whizz to produce a visually appealing website true to your vision. 

Divi Cost 

Unfortunately, Divi is a paid-only theme, but on the upside, you can choose between yearly access priced at $89 per year, or for a once-off payment of $249 you can get lifetime access to the theme. 


Flatsome is at the top of the list of best-selling WooCommerce themes. This theme might have fewer design features compared to Astra and Divi, but in this case, less certainly is more. Their focus is primarily on user experience, and it shows. Updates are done regularly, so there’s no need to worry about bugs or performance issues. Their front-end Live Page Builder feature makes it incredibly easy to build and make changes to a website without having to touch a single line of code. With over 300 available layouts to choose from, you’ll have no trouble finding one that brings your brand to life. 

Flatsome Cost 

Flatsome is a reasonably priced premium theme. The theme can be purchased for a once-off price of $59 and includes all features, future updates and, 6 months of support from UX themes which can be extended to 12 months for an additional $17. 


OceanWP remains one of the highest-rated and wildly popular WordPress eCommerce themes for good reason. The popularity of this theme can largely be attributed to two features. The first is its beginner-friendliness. Not only is OceanWP easy to use and install, but in the unlikely event that you do find yourself stuck, their support team is responsive and helpful. The second noteworthy feature is lighting fast page speed. As we know, page speed is a big deal when it comes to improving search rankings and providing a hassle-free browsing experience. 

OceanWP Cost 

Paid premium tiers are priced between $39 and $129 yearly, but there are also a handful of free demo templates to choose from if you are not ready to commit to a theme just yet. 


If you are looking for a theme that offers industry-specific designs, Porto is the theme for you. There are more than 15 different niche designs to choose from, and over 120 niche demos to help you to create a website that speaks to your brand. As with most of the themes in this list, Porto is straightforward to use and offers plenty of fine-tuned design customisation options. 

Porto Cost 

There is no free version of this theme, but for only $59 you get full access to features, updates and 6 months of support from p-themes. 

Conclusion – The Best WordPress eCommerce Themes

All of the eCommerce themes mentioned in this article are highly rated and widely used, and at the end of the day, it’s up to your personal choice to choose a theme that appeals to you. Without a doubt, Astra is our favourite theme in terms of functionality, ease of use, and price. The free version is a good starting point for newly opened online stores. Astra offers a lot of control in terms of design and is compatible with most page builder plugins. 

On a side note, once you’ve chosen your theme, you should look into web hosting. Web hosting will have a big impact on the speed and usability of your site. There’s no use having a perfectly designed website that is too slow to use or bombs out. 

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