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TikTok Vs Reels for Lead Generation

Cover Image TikTok Vs Reels for Lead Generation

TikTok vs Reels for lead generation, which one is more useful? Should you be using TikTok or Reels to reach potential customers? Should you be using both?

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Lead Generation for any business is an essential aspect of the sales funnel. It is the first step in your bid to attract, nurture and convert those interested in your business’s products and services. 

With this in mind, can businesses use platforms such as TikTok and Instagram Reels for Lead Generation? Which platform is more effective at attracting the right audience to help you convert potential leads into customers? 

More and more brands are jumping onto different social media platforms to help them attract new and relevant leads for their businesses. The two biggest platforms of the moment are Instagram Reels and TikTok. 

Both Reels and TikTok utilise short-form videos ranging in length from 15 seconds to 10 minutes (as recently announced by TikTok). However, not all platforms are created equally. The same can be said of TikTok and Reels. Although they look similar and feel similar, they have different algorithms and goals which can ultimately make or break your lead generation efforts. 


TikTok for Lead Generation

TikTok has quickly become one of the most downloaded and used apps in the world. Based on the Chinese App called Douyin – TikTok too is becoming a One-Stop-Shop for brands, influencers and creatives alike. The app allows businesses to promote their goods and services while also drawing in relevant Leads. 

This comes down to the TikTok Algorithm. 

Unlike Facebook (and other Meta platforms), Linkedin or Twitter, TikTok does not rely on user profiles for videos to feature on the “for you page”. Rather, TikTok videos are independent of the creator. This is a massive bonus for newer businesses as you don’t need a huge following to be seen. 

TikTok’s algorithm is based on user interaction. This is a pro for businesses looking to use it for Lead Generation. 

To explain a little more: on TikTok, the more time a user spends on a video defines what kind of content and how much of the creator’s content they will then see. For example, if a user scrolls past your video within a few seconds, they probably won’t see more from you. 

This means that you must be creating relevant and engaging content for your brand. It also means that your content should appear on the “for you page” of people who are already engaging with similar content. 

Reels for Lead Generation

Reels was introduced by Facebook/Meta as a competitor for TikTok. It looks similar to, feels similar when you’re using it (to the point that we sometimes forget which platform we’re scrolling on).

The key difference between the two is their algorithm. As we mentioned above, TikTok’s algorithm is based on user interaction. Reels on the other hand does take user profile information into account when you’re scrolling through. 

In addition to this, while TikTok creators don’t have to worry too much about the professional level of their videos, Instagram will often limit videos that are low resolution or bad quality. 

Additionally, the Instagram Reels Algorithm tends to favour content that has a 9:16 portrait aspect ratio, utilises creative tools (text, sounds and filters) and that have high engagement. While this is clear, it is not always easy. 

Reels are useful for businesses that already have a following and is a useful tool for lead generation. 

What about Tracking & Analytics?

Both TikTok and Instagram Reels offer tracking and analytics tools to business accounts. This allows you to see who is engaging with your content, how long they are spending on it if they click through to your profile or website and more. 


Both TikTok and Reels are great tools for lead generation. Businesses need to hop onto these platforms because both are helping businesses grow in popularity, gain and retain customers. 

TikTok is a fabulous tool for newer businesses that may not have a strong following or huge audience. Small businesses have gone viral overnight on the app by creating engaging, informative and fun content for their niche. 

Reels on the other hand is better suited to more established businesses with an established audience. Because it relies on user/profile information, it allows businesses to not only engage with existing customers but also create awareness among newer leads. 


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