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Top Strategies for Conversion Rate Optimisation for South African Businesses

Cover: Top Strategies for Conversion Rate Optimisation for South African Businesses

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is a huge topic in the world of digital marketing and sales. It is the process of converting potential leads into actual customers. Naturally it is a goal any business would want to work on. 

We have put together some Top Strategies for Conversion Rate Optimisation. 

Why Should Your Business Focus on CRO?

There are a large variety of ways in which you can improve conversion rates and help your business grow and land paying customers. 

Some of the tips you find online may be simple and easy to implement while others may seem like you need an expert to do them for you. 

Ultimately when you want to increase your conversion rate, you need to understand what drives your buyer to buy from you. 


Our Top Tips for Conversion Rate Optimisation Across All Platforms

Use Personalisation and Targeted Messaging

Gone are the days when personalising an email to a potential customer was enough to get them over the line. These days, it is a much broader term. 

Personalisation is about knowing your customer. It is about knowing their interests. It is also about where they are in the buying cycle. Finally you should use targeted messaging and customised user experience that shows them how you understand their needs and wants. 

By showing your potential customers that you understand their their needs, you engender a level of trust which helps get them across the line. 


Use Storytelling to Guide Your Sales Process

This has become a buzz-word over the years. It has been incorporated into sales, marketing and social media. In fact, it is unlikely that you will take a scroll through the internet and not find a brand using this tactic. 

What is storytelling? Storytelling is the process of taking your customer on a journey. This journey helps develop rapport with your customer. It also builds trust.

This is because storytelling is a uniquely human thing to do. It has been used for generations to teach lessons, and helps greatly with memory. 

Therefore taking your customers on a unique journey through storytelling will help get them closer to the sale. 


Improve User Experience to Remove “Friction” Points

User experience is an essential part of CRO. When a site is difficult to navigate, hard to understand and easy to forget, users aren’t going to stick around. Which ultimately means that they are not going to become customers. 

User experience is encapsulated in a number of different aspects. From site design, to content that is beneficial to users, all these aspects need to be optimised to help with your conversion rates. 

An important note on user experience is that your site should be user friendly across all devices. A large amount of browsing happens on cellphones and tablets.  Sites should be optimised for these devices as well as a computer is vital. 



These three top strategies for Conversion Rate Optimisation are a great place to start. By understanding your potential customer, personalising their journey, you gain a level of trust and rapport with them. 

In turn by telling them the story of your brand through social media and your content this also helps humanise your brand and make your brand and offering more memorable. 

Finally without optimising your user experience, your CRO efforts may be going to waste. It is important to ensure that your site is user friendly across all platforms and devices. This useablity helps your users feel that your site is professional and trustworthy. This in turn helps with conversion rates.