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Best B2B LinkedIn Ad Ideas – Creativity that Converts

Best B2B LinkedIn Ad Ideas – Creativity that Converts

If only there were a Loerie award for LinkedIn ads! Getting an ad right is one thing, but making it successful, shareable and socially inviting is an entirely new ballgame altogether – and achieving that should really be recognised.

We share some unique ideas to make your B2B ads some of the best. (PS – if you win, let us know!)

Best B2B LinkedIn Ad Strategy: Use a Question Mark!

33% of LinkedIn group posts that converted included a question mark in the subject line. Not only does this intrigue an inquisitive lead, it subconsciously identifies the intended audience in nothing else but the headline. It also offers a solution – if the lead identifies with your question (i.e. – the question hits a pain-point) they will almost always want to know the answer. Hello, impressions!

Best B2B LinkedIn Ad Strategy: Out-of-the-ordinary artwork / imagery

LinkedIn lacks in one specific area that Facebook has excelled in; stock images. A LinkedIn ad, moreover a B2B ad, are distributed in hordes every single day. If you have the same free stock photo that 10 other competitors have, you’re either going to get less leads (best case scenarios) or have your ad display removed from some users timelines (kinda worst case scenario). An image that is related to the offer, service or product your ad is promoting is good. What’s great is when you take an abstract image to hook the lead and get them to click your ad.

For example, using the image below to promote a personal training service to a gym, owner, with a headline such as “We can make sure your clients never skip leg day” would be a good start.

Best B2B LinkedIn Ad Strategy: Be personal, share stories, create a little (harmless) conflict

We’re not talking about “This man worked as a farmer for 20 years; hits oil and is now the owner of Dubai”. Not at all.

If you are fortunate enough to have social proof of how a client that has undertaken your service offering, or bought your product only to be amazed, leverage it! A catchy headline is key, as this is what will drive leads to click on your link. Try to make the story relevant to the offer you are upselling. For example, you are an animal product retailer, trying to land your copy in front of either an independent veterinarian or a practice manager.

You have had feedback from a client that her dog, who has had a skin condition since birth, has been scratch-free for 10 days. Boom chakalaka! Now work it!

Imagine this headline, with an eye-catching cover image: “Little Lexi the Labradoodle had seen it all. Four years of itchy, dry skin, and a very sad Mommy. The last thing she needed was another “vet-recommended” cure-all solution. All she needed was love!” (if your products name is “love”, well, you just scored biug time here)

This speaks to: owners of dogs in general, owners of dogs with skin conditions, owners of labradoodles, owners of dog named Lexi, vets (they want something that will work, too!), retailers – you name it.

Best B2B LinkedIn Ad Strategy: Symopathise, then make them laugh

An events or hiring company around Christmas time. Imagine that kind of chaos. They want office managers, project managers, social committee members etc. to see that they offer a service to plan year end parties. Posting an image of two very frazzled-looking ladies, with party hats on, fallen asleep at their desks or in the mist of general chaos with the caption “#OfficePartyPlanningProblems”, or even “You know you’re a party planner when…” will resonate with the person who is experiencing this crisis. Your implied comradery is the clincher.

What was the best B2B ad you saw? What made it stand out?

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