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The 10 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Johannesburg

Let’s Take a Look At The Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Johannesburg

This is an odd one coming from us, we’ll admit. 

“What are they thinking?” you may ask, confused as to why we’d recommend our competition to you. 

“Is there some angry intern trying to sabotage them?” No, in fact the idea for this article came from the founder himself. 

Here at Syte we believe growth in the digital marketing space benefits everyone.  We also recognise that our approach may not match every customer’s needs. 

So, if you’re not going to go with us, here are 10 other agencies based in Johannesburg worth checking out (in no particular order). 

Strategic Online Management Services (SOMS)

SOMS is a digital marketing agency based in Sandhurst, Sandton. They offer a range of services from web and app development to SEO and search marketing. 

We like them because they offer a full suite of services and share our commitment to results-driven marketing that makes the bottom line top priority. 

Go with SOMS if you want a more comprehensive set of services like web and app development. 

Digital Dynamite

Digital Dynamite is an agency based in Fourways. They specialise in web development, branding and digital marketing. 

We like their flair, creativity and commitment to tailor made solutions. 

Go with Digital Dynamite if you want a more creatively oriented digital agency.


Flume specialises in full-service digital marketing as well as more creative services like animation or illustrative design. 

We like their focus on client service and performing retrospectives on the impact their campaigns have. 

Go with Flume if constant evaluations aren’t a priority for you or if you require additional creative services. 

V8 Media

Version Eight (V8) media is another agency based in Sandton. They describe themselves as a “direct response” agency focused on creating growth for their clients.

We like how they apply growth hacking principles to the digital marketing space. 

Go with V8 if you want an agency focused on growth and growth hacking. 

Launch Digital

Launch Digital operates out of Fourways. They specialise in helping small and medium-size businesses with web design, search advertising and search engine optimisation. 

We like their commitment to your bottom line ROI.

Go with Launch Digital if you have a SME and want a partner that will be as invested as you are in your business’ financial health. 


Rogerwilco is based in Bryanston. They describe themselves as a full-service agency with an obsession for creating results.

We like their commitment to providing you tangible results through growing revenue.
Go with Rogerwilco if you want a non-traditional agency similar to our own with a more international footprint. 

Algorithm Agency

Algorithm is an agency in Woodmead. They specialise in data-driven marketing using proprietary software as part of their “Quant” marketing system.

We like their dedication to using hard data to guide business decisions. 

Go with Algorithm if their data-driven approach meets your business’ needs. 

G&G Digital

The established full-service agency Gulan and Gulan has rebranded to simply G&G Digital in recent years with an accompanying shift in the focus of their business.

We like their innovative and unique solutions and how well they’ve adapted to the era of digital advertising. 

Go with G&G Digital if you want an established big-name agency to head your digital efforts.

Strat Digi

Strat Digi is a boutique agency based in Fourways. They focus on creating tailor-made solutions unique to every brief and business case.

We like their agility in adapting to your business’ specific needs rather than using cookie-cutter solutions.

Go with Strat Digi if you want an agency that will provide you with a custom solution adapted to your business’ unique scenario. 

Brave Digital

Brave digital is an agency based in Randburg. They specialise in the software development side of digital marketing with solutions like websites, apps and data visualisation programs. 

We like their focus on creating new solutions for your business that may not be covered by existing products. 

Go with Brave Digital if you need custom software developed to suit your business’ marketing needs. 


The world of digital marketing is full of solutions and agencies but we acknowledge not every solution matches every company’s individual needs. That’s why it’s important for you to find the right fit for you and your business. 

We hope the list helped give you a good starting point for that. 


If none of those meet your needs, or you think we might be a good fit, feel free to contact us through the below form and we’ll let you know what we can do to help your business.


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