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Best Facebook Marketing Tactics for E-commerce Websites

Best Facebook Marketing Tactics for E-commerce Websites


Starting an ecommerce business is easy. Growing it? That’s a different story.

Despite e-commerce giants like Amazon, you have a shared, distinct problem: The average consumer is now bombarded with more than 10,000 messages from brands each day, and it doesn’t help that the majority of the population’s attention is already divided among different screens and multi-tasking.

As the marketing manager or owner of your e-commerce business, it’s your responsibility to make sure you command attention and stand out from the crowd. In the days of 24/7 digital connection, a one-off ecommerce marketing campaign won’t cut it.

What Role Does Social Media Play?

If you are an e-commerce store owner, you are aware of the huge impact effective social media marketing strategies have on your business. It is not surprising to know that social media plays a great role in how consumers become aware of the products and make the purchases. There are more than 523 billion global users on social media and each of the social media tools provide various means of brand engagement, increase in followers as well as likes. And this results in bringing new customers as well as business to online stores.

Now this means there is a huge amount of opportunities for online stores to use the social media in order to create engagement, spread brand awareness, and bring in traffic to the website. Sadly, various e-commerce businesses are not doing it well or under-represented on the key social media channels.

Lead Generation through Facebook for E-Commerce – How-To

It’s great to be on social media, right? However, there are various small businesses that are not having any result-oriented and lead generation tactics. You won’t like to be overbearingly ‘salesy’ but still you need to have some kind of basic lead generation steps in place.

Lead Generation for E-Commerce: Add Links Leading To Your Landing Page In Your Updates

More traffic to your site means a higher domain authority, and a higher chance of leads. Instead of posting content in a “copy-paste” manner into your social posts, why not add the content to a static web-page and redirect customers to your site? A typivcal example would be a carousel-type layout with the “Shop Now” button. It drives traffic to the site and squeezes them to purchase.

Lead Generation for E-Commerce: Take Advantage Of The Feature Of The ‘Sign Up’ Button Option Given In The Facebook Page

If you’ve gauged that your audience isn’t responding as well as you’d hope to your shop-now sales, or you’ve managed to funnel fall-through’s into a remarketing campaign, you can successfully still garner their info and their traffic by offering them an exclusive sign-up. You’ll have bought your way into their e-mails (read: WE HIT GOLD!) or at worst – be able to market other items to them.


Lead Generation for E-Commerce: Use Proper Keywords And Hashtags

Hashtags started out as a funny way of conveying subtext, but nowadays, they are a vital source of real-time news and trends. A well-structured hashtag (without spelling errors, omission of words or wrong hashtag construction) can help you get a foot in the door when competitors are swimming around.

While the marketing tactics you could use for your e-commerce site are endless, we deem these the best. What do you say? We’d love to hear from you!

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