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BigCommerce vs WooCommerce – Pros and Cons Explained

BigCommerce vs WooCommerce – Pros and Cons Explained

We live in the age of social media and online shopping. More and more businesses choose to start an online store and sell their products that way as opposed to a physical store setup. For some, this is an obvious choice since having your store online will provide much more visibility since you’re not limited to your local area. Having an online store will give you the chance to capture a wider audience and you can basically sell worldwide through your website – not to mention the need for shop fitting, salaries of staff and general overheads falls by the wayside when opting for an online or e-commerce shop.

The first challenge businesses have when starting an online store is choosing the right e-commerce platform that will cover all their needs. There are several popular options available, and two of those are WooCommerce and BigCommerce. BigCommerce will give you the tools to build your online store out of the box, while a WooCommerce store will have to be built on top of your WordPress website and customized using 3rd party plugins and extensions to maximize its functionality.

The debate between these two is often a confusing one for business owners, especially if you’ve never had an online store before. Here, we will show you their key differences so you can make a more informed decision for your business

BigCommerce Overview

BigCommerce is a hosted e-commerce platform, comprising of a comprehensive set of all components that an e-commerce store needs; hosting, payment, content, support, design, cart, marketing and so on – everything encompassed within a single software. Once you pay a fixed price for Big Commerce, you have a comprehensive set of all software, hardware and support components that an e-commerce store demands.

WooCommerce Overview

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin . WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems that is available. But, you need to get a hosting server for your WordPress, which comes at a cost. The flexibility that WordPress provides is one of the reasons that many people are fond of it. The enormous number of plugins that WordPress offers is also another reason for its popularity – because when you add a plugin, you are further extending or updating the functionalities of your website. And this is where WooCommerce comes in – it comprises the complete set of functionalities and aspects that is required for an e-commerce store to operate successfully.

BigCommerce vs WooCommerce – Differences Side-by-Side


  • Platforms supported
    • Web based – BigCommerce YES | WooCommerce YES
    • iPhone app – BigCommerce NO| WooCommerce YES
    • Android app – BigCommerce NO | WooCommerce NO
    • Windows Phone app – BigCommerce YES | WooCommerce NO

Typical Customers

  • Freelancers – BigCommerce YES| WooCommerce YES
  • Small Businesses – BigCommerce YES | WooCommerce YES
  • Mid-size Business – BigCommerce YES | WooCommerce YES
  • Enterprise – BigCommerce YES| WooCommerce NO


  • Phone support – BigCommerce YES | WooCommerce NO
  • Online support – BigCommerce YES | WooCommerce YES
  • Knowledge base – BigCommerce YES | WooCommerce YES
  • Video tutorials – BigCommerce YES | WooCommerce YES


  • Starting from BigCommerce $29.95/month | WooCommerce FREE
  • Free trial available – BigCommerce YES | WooCommerce NO
  • No credit card required – BigCommerce YES | WooCommerce YES
  • Free account – BigCommerce NO | WooCommerce YES
  • Subscription based – BigCommerce YES | WooCommerce NO


  • API – BigCommerce YES | WooCommerce NO
  • CRM Integration – BigCommerce YES | WooCommerce NO
  • Data Import/Export – BigCommerce YES | WooCommerce NO
  • Inventory Management – BigCommerce YES | WooCommerce NO
  • Multi-Currency – BigCommerce YES | WooCommerce NO
  • Order Management – BigCommerce YES | WooCommerce NO
  • Order Processing – BigCommerce YES | WooCommerce NO
  • POS – BigCommerce YES | WooCommerce NO
  • Quote Management – BigCommerce YES | WooCommerce NO
  • Receiving – BigCommerce YES | WooCommerce NO
  • Shipping Management – BigCommerce YES | WooCommerce NO
  • Third Party Integration – BigCommerce YES | WooCommerce NO
  • eCommerce Integration – BigCommerce YES | WooCommerce NO

Now that you can compare features and benefits side by side, how did you decide between the two? We would love to hear from you!

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