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CRO for E-Commerce Websites

CRO for E-Commerce Websites

It’s no secret that in today’s fast-paced world having a website is crucial to your business’ survival. Today’s consumers want information when they want it and have limitless options as to where to seek it. While having an e-commerce website by no means replaces all facets of your company, having a website that is optimized and properly aligned to your business goals can be both lucrative and essential when you become the go to site for your customers. But how do you make the leap from insignificance to reliability by turning new visitors into paying customers?

Top Five Conversion Optimisation Tactics for Online Stores

  1. Reduced Choices Make for Easier Selling 

One of the areas of an eCommerce website that gets neglected the most is the faceted menu or left-hand filter. It’s easy to add more and more facets, drill-downs, and options – but then you’re left with a mess that makes it difficult for the shopper to use this optional navigation effectively.

      2.Checkout, checkout, checkout. This is SUPER important!

Single step or multi step – it MUST be functional and user-friendly. Consider the below factors – or read the whole blog here (LINK to best e-comm checkouts blog) 

Page Speed

Slow pages are bad anywhere on a site, but in checkout they can reduce customer confidence in the process.

Easy Contact Forms

Forms can be a pain, and the key is to minimize it through good design and smart use of shortcuts.

Mobile Friendly

More and more people are shopping via mobile but conversion rates are less than half those on desktop. Checkouts are part of the reason. 

Make Guest Checkout Available 

Forcing registration is a barrier for customers.

Clear Flow

Users should know what information is needed and why

       3. Don’t Let them Leave Without a (Kinda) Fight

Exit-intention pop ups can save cart abandonment’s.

Change the style of exit pop up including call to actions, text, image, and more. A lot of people just test one or two things and end up leaving a lot of money on the table. By testing each of these items, you can usually see conversion rate increases of 20% or more.

       4. Promote Discounts

Many (if not all) online shoppers say it’s important for them to compare prices from different sellers before making a purchase. It’s no secret price is an important factor when it comes to a purchase decision.

That’s why you shouldn’t hide your discounted items; in fact, make them stand out!

       5. Live Chat Availability

Even if your website is very informative, some customers may still have questions while they’re shopping. You should set up a live chat option for your site visitors to communicate with a customer service representative. Read more about the benefits of chatbots in this blog (LINK)

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