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Fundamental Differences Between Facebook and LinkedIn Paid Content

Fundamental Differences Between Facebook and LinkedIn Paid Content

LinkedIn vs Facebook

As the use of social media and the internet continues to rise, it is important for your business to stay up to date. You need to know which social media platforms will help your business the most in the long run. Facebook and LinkedIn are popular social networking websites. The profiles in Facebook are created for the purpose of connecting to friends and family to keep in touch. LinkedIn is more business-oriented, and mainly for professional networking.

Side-by-Side Comparison Between Facebook and LinkedIn Paid Ads

People tend to use LinkedIn and Facebook for two very different reasons.

Facebook is a social network, meant for sharing and engaging in conversations, likened to hanging out with your friends and family.

LinkedIn was originally established primarily for job recruiters and job seekers to connect. It has since evolved far beyond that, however, LinkedIn is still focused in the business realm. LinkedIn users tend to be white-collar college graduates, making the LinkedIn environment appealing to the business user.

Facebook vs LinkedIn Marketing

The main features that are available to Facebook advertisers are:

Link Ads – Drive audiences to specific pages of your site to help build the traffic to your website. Ad formats of this nature include video ads and carousel ads.

Lead Ads – Gated content that requires individuals to submit personal information into a form in order to view the content.

Business Page Like Ads – Promote your Business Page to increase your number of page likes
Like Facebook, LinkedIn offers a number of ways to build your ads through their Advertising Campaign Manager tool:

Sponsored Content – Promote news, articles, or even posts on your company page. This advertising option can either direct website traffic back to your site or allow you to gate your content through lead generation ads that require your audience to submit personal information to access a story or some other form of content.

Text Ads – This desktop-only option allows you to drive traffic from LinkedIn to either your Company Page or company website. These ads are showcased as text link advertisements at the top or side of the page.

Sponsored InMail – This option enables you to send personalized messages to targeted LinkedIn professionals through LinkedIn Messenger or email.
Is Facebook or LinkedIn Better for My Business?

There are two different questions you should ask yourself to help determine which platform to focus on for your brands marketing:

Are you trying to reach consumers? Facebook would be your go-to platform.

Are you trying to reach other businesses or future employees? LinkedIn may be a better fit.

Putting your time and energy into the platform that is the best fit for your target audience, goals, and industry is the most effective approach to social media for your company.

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