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Facebook Messenger Ads

Facebook Messenger Ads – How to Effectively Drive Sales Using Messenger Ads


When used right, social media marketing makes users feel like they’re being spoken to and engaged with directly. That’s why social media marketers spend so much time and effort trying to create a conversation between their brand and their customers.

With Facebook’s new Messenger ads, creating a conversation and engaging with potential leads are more than just ideals —they’re something your ads can literally do. Messenger ads have been available since 2016, but it hasn’t been until recently that their popularity has really taken off.

What Are Facebook Messenger Ads?

Messenger ads are paid, branded advertisements that take advantage of Facebook’s billion-plus user Messenger app as a delivery platform. They come in three main layouts:

Facebook Messenger  Ads

These ads will appear directly in the Messenger home screen alongside the other messages in your target audience’s inbox.

Facebook Sponsored Messages

Sponsored messages allow you to deliver a message directly to anyone that you have an existing conversation within Messenger. So, if you want to message a customer directly about a new product or limited-time offer, now you can!

Facebook Click-to-Messenger Ads

Unlike the other two options, these ads appear in the regular Facebook News Feed or on Instagram. However, unlike a typical News Feed ad, a CTA that reads “Send Message” is displayed and will open a Messenger chat with your brand once clicked.

Advantages of Facebook Messenger Ads

  • You can reach people faster on their preferred platform

If you aren’t using a live chat service in some way, shape, or form, you risk losing out on leads AND sales, it’s no secret that responding to a potential lead faster will only increase your odds of closing a deal.

  • You can personalize ads

You can essentially send personalized messages to users who you aren’t connected with and land them straight in the user’s inbox. They work because online ads are often a numbers game.

Facebook Messenger Ads now allow you to do pretty much the same thing, except you can’t target non-brand-aware users – meaning you can only do this for people who have interacted with your ads previously.

  • Messenger ads provide better targeting options

One of the best ways to use Facebook Messenger Ads is for building localized brand awareness. With their new “Local awareness” feature, you can create newsfeed ads that drive huge levels of engagement. You can select a specific local audience depending on where your business is located to determine who will see your ads

  • Messenger ads are best for end-to-end engagement

If getting leads to converse with you is tough, which it probably is, these ads should be your staple go-to. Qualifying leads and gauging interest is critical when it comes to producing real sales. Nobody wants to spend five weeks talking to a lead before finding out that they don’t even care about your product. Facebook Messenger Ads are a perfect balance between ads and real sales conversations.

Should I Be using Facebook Messenger Ads?

If you’re already advertising on Facebook and especially if you enjoy good engagement on your page, you should explore Messenger advertising. Facebook has been careful not to make the learning curve for seasoned marketers too steep, and the potential for a significant return on your investment is too much too ignore.

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