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Factors Influencing Online Purchases

Online Shopping in 2019 – How to Cater for Potential Customers

Any e-commerce store owner wants to know what influences online shoppers to buy from one particular store over another. Even more so how to get customers to buy from your store instead of another. We’ve taken a look at five of the most important influencing factors that cause online shoppers to convert.

What Influences Online Purchases?

  • Price Points

Price is almost always the first and most important factor for online shoppers. However, it’s not always the lowest price consumers seek; propelled by the old adage “You get what you pay for,” many shoppers are perfectly happy, willing, and able to spend more to hit their standard of quality or remain loyal to a brand. Yet, over the past few years, the brand favouritism has slipped as consumers adopt a more thrifty attitude. Make sure your prices are on-par, or better than competitors.

  • Shipping Rates

Merged into the influence of price points are shipping rates, which can push a shopper to abandon their purchase at the last crucial step. Consider free shipping over a certain order amount, offer lower-cost deliveries scheduled for a later date – or if possible – allow for pickup.

  • Product Presentation – Photos, Descriptions, and Reviews

You need to present your products in an alluring way in order to influence your customers to convert. You want to grab the attention of your customers from the moment they hit your landing page. Product pages should be aesthetic, remember your customers are essentially window-shopping at this point. A clear series of photos that shows the important angles and aspects for each product, as well as a description that clearly describes any important features, can greatly influence the decision of a customer to purchase.

  • Contact Information, FAQs & More

Smaller, or newer e-commerce stores that are less well-known need to rely on different trust signals to influence customers that they are a reputable and trustworthy store to purchase from. Your customers need to trust your website in order to want to buy from it.

Trust signals include various ways customers can communicate with your business such as contact phone numbers and emails, live chat representatives and social media accounts that live people interact with customers on. Having company policies, such as your return policy, and shipping policies clearly posted, having a frequently asked questions page and sending out all shipping tracking information to the customer as soon as items are shipped.

What tips do you have to make online shopping better and allow it to convert more leads into sales?

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