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How To Generate Leads Through SEO – More Traffic = More Leads = More Sales

How To Generate Leads Through SEO – More Traffic = More Leads = More Sales

Lead generation is important for your business, and you can employ various SEO methods and tactics to help in your lead generation effort. If you have not been generating leads for your business, sales are also likely not reflecting as well as you would have liked them to. This is where so many online businesses fall short. If you have an online business, when people click through to your website from your content, it could (and should) lead to sales. There is no doubt that you need effective SEO methods to make sales and succeed in online marketing.

You simply cannot generate leads without effective marketing. Today, there are many ways to conduct effective marketing that is up to date, catchy, and most importantly – findsd the right users at the right time. Read more about the buyers journey here . Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) remain the best methods of lead generation. There are other methods that have been found effective such as video and article marketing.

What is Lead Generation in SEO?

SEO increases your site’s search ranking for content using the business-related keywords you want to target.

When potential customers search for those keywords, they find your content in the search results, and may follow those links back to your site, creating organic traffic.

If your content meets their needs, you have the chance to convert those visitors into leads, and eventually make sales.

SEO serves as a map or funnel bringing a stream of leads to your website, making your website one of the best lead generation tools you have. To make the most of the opportunity, you need to create and optimize quality content so that search engines and searchers see the value in what you offer, and want to sign up or buy.

How to Generate Leads Through SEO

  • Generate Leads Through SEO: Article Marketing:

    Writing quality content that provides helpful information to readers is one good method to generate leads for your business. Take care to make your article headline “attention-grabbing”, and ensure your keywords are placed strategically in the article. You may not have time to write the articles, but you can still post quality content by buying them from an article-providing service, digital marketing agency, or opt to hire a writer to write your content pieces. Then, put a signature that links back to your website. Lastly, distribute your content to article directories and some how-to sites for more exposure. In time, people will start following your articles and they will start coming to your website. In addition, article marketing can help you increase your backlinks and enhance your rank on Google page rank.

  • Generate Leads Through SEO: Social bookmarking

    Another effective SEO method to generate leads is by using social bookmarking sites. You can use these sites to inform your friends and the world about your favourite links which you consider useful. You can increase awareness about your site on these social bookmarking sites and watch the traffic comes in steadily. Some famous bookmarking sites you can use for lead generation include Reddit, Digg, Delicious, Stumble Upon, and others.

  • Generate Leads Through SEO: Directory Submission:

    You should also consider submitting your site to directories and search engines, which is like announcing your presence to search engines. Some major search engines that you can submit your site to are: AOL, Google, Yahoo, Ask, and MSN. If you also find some niche search engines that are relevant to your product, do not hesitate to submit your site to them as well. Besides, there are directories and niche listing sites. Submit your site to these, too.

  • Generate Leads Through SEO: Use Onsite SEO:

    Efficiently setup onsite Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help you rank high in your niche whenever someone searches something related to your niche or product. To do this effectively, it is vital that you research keywords using the Google Keyword Tool or any other paid keyword tool and plug these keywords you have researched into your title tag, meta tags, alt tags, H1, H2, and H3 tags. If you do not know how to do this, just tell your programmer to help you set them up.

  • Generate Leads Through SEO: Forum:

    Forums are where you will find some savvy users who exchange useful information. You will also meet many experts who hang around on these forums. The key is to find well-populated forums that are relevant to your business and start answering questions or posting relevant threads. However, before you start posting anything, create a good profile and a signature that links back to your website.

  • Generate Leads Through SEO: Social Media:

    This is the big one you would not want to miss for anything. Millions of people use social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others daily – and you should have presence on these social media sites and be as active as possible. Engage other users positively. Your goal should be to use these channels to generate leads for your website.

  • Generate Leads Through SEO: Cash in on visitors – add a call-to-action:

    By adding a contact form, a pop-up form or even a live chat feature will allow you to “strike while the iron is hot”. If a customer has a query, he or she is able to immediately reach out to you and get their answers. Contact forms which require e-mail addresses and contact numbers may seem like a “bad idea” – some marketers say it drives away potential sales when information input is mandatory – but this simple step allows you to qualify leads before their info even reaches your inbox. Having a database of personal info allows you to market to them at a later stage, send useful information or specials to them, or simply to get in contact and close your sale. Be careful to not drop the ball here – ensure any customer queries are addressed immediately. If that is not possible, aim for a maximum turnaround time of 24 hours.


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