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How to Keep Google Happy

Digital Marketing and Google – How to Keep The King of Search Engines Happy

Google SEO

Google is the undeniable King of search engines – and keeping within Best Practice Guidelines as well as staying ahead of the game are the only two certain ways to make sure you’re keeping Google happy.

SEO Mistakes to Avoid – Google Guidelines

  • Buying Links / Paid Links

You may have heard that if another web site links to your site it benefits your search rankings. This is true. However, how did that link get on that other web site? Was it placed there because you had something interesting on your site that someone wanted to link to? That’s excellent. Did you pay someone to put your link in the footer of their site and it just so happens that the word in the link (anchor text) is a very highly searched term that has a lot of competition? Many companies, including large corporations, have been penalized for buying links. Don’t do it.

  • Cloaking – Hidden Text

Text to the Googlebot is like chocolate to you and I. It loves to find text, gather it, and add it to its database. There is a bad practice that some site owners follow; hiding this text so only the search bots can find it. This is done by having white text on a white background or manipulating the code of the web page to hide text from a person visiting the site yet enable a search engine crawler to “see” it without difficulty. If you’re TRYING to get penalised, though, this is a great start.

  • Diluted or Duplicate Content

A common practice among site owners trying to manipulate search results is to create thousands of pages targeting a different keyword search term and having very little useful content for its visitor. If a web page’s content consists of a short paragraph of text with a search term used repeatedly within the text, it’s not very useful to a visitor and is not worthy of a good ranking.

Google is also always looking for new and fresh content to add to their huge database. If it finds the same content it found on another web site it’s not going to show much interest in what you have to offer. If your site sells a product and has the same exact product description provided by the manufacturer that every other web site selling that product is using, that is considered duplicate content. If you post an article on your blog from one of those free article sites that several other blogs have already posted, that is also considered duplicate content. Make everything on your site original and unique and watch your search results improve.

  • Poor Site Speed

Google is in a hurry and knows you are too (just like office printers can sense when you’re in a rush). It wants to show the web sites in the search results that give the best user experience. If your web pages load slower than others it will not rank as well as one that is fast. Make sure your web site is optimized for speed with compressed images, streamlined code and a fast web server to ensure that your visitors are not frustrated by a slow web site.

Are you practicing these guidelines? Share your stories with us – we’d love to hear from you!

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