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How to Write Better Facebook Ad Copy for South African Businesses

With recent changes to the way we’re able to track and engage users on iOS, having effective Facebook ad copy is more important than ever.

Ad copy is vital for improving conversion rates and getting the most out of your Facebook ads – for two reasons.

Firstly, it’s one of the elements of your ads you have complete control over. There are a lot of things you can’t control – so it’s important to optimise the elements you can. 

Secondly, it’s one of the easiest elements to experiment with, such as by running A/B tests with different copy. 

But – how do you write better Facebook ad copy? What makes “good” versus “bad copy” – and how should you look at optimising the copy for your Facebook ad campaigns?
We’ll look at all this, and more, in this article – taken from our experience running Facebook ads for clients. 

Keep it Simple 

According to one study, the average American has a reading literacy of Grade 7 – 8.
There’s less data for developing countries, like us in South Africa, but we can safely assume our population meets or undershoots this statistic.
This means that if you’re writing your copy with “fancy”, “complicated” or “long” words, you’re excluding a huge number of people from understanding your ad copy (and losing potential conversions). 

That’s why we recommend keeping all your Facebook ad copy simple – both with word choice and the complexity of the ideas you’re trying to get across. 

Aim for around Grade 7 level for all your word choice – and express your pitch as simply as possible. 

Keep it Short 

In general, your ads should be as short and succinct as possible.
This is not to say that longer ad copy can work, in fact, some recent studies have proven they can work better than short copy, but there’s a caveat. 

In order to work well, the longer copy needs to be good. The length needs to be justified – and the easiest way to make it “good” is to focus on condensing all of your points as much as possible. 

So, even when writing long-form, keep your writing as short and succinct as possible. 

Depending on your industry, short-form may also just perform better overall. Experiment with it and see what works best for you. 

Put Your CTA Up Front 

Facebook ad copy always cuts off past a certain length, especially on mobile, with the option to “See More” at the end. 

For this reason, among others, we always recommend leading with a strong CTA for your Facebook ads. 

Make the offer you’re pushing clear upfront, and then entice them to read more. Your “hook” in the first sentence should always tie directly into your main CTA for the ad. 

For example: “Save up to 50% on selected items from our store! Read on to find out how…”

Speak Directly To Your Audience 

We’ve found that when it comes to copy, the more personal the better. Even seemingly small personalisations, like acknowledging an interest or trait your customers have, can have huge impacts on improving conversion rates. 

This goes hand in hand with Facebook’s targeting features. We find the best way to optimise this is to split your customer base into smaller audiences – tailoring ad copy and maybe creative specifically to each group. 

This works better than a “shotgun approach” with one big audience and one generic message – because you’re able to refine your messaging and focus spend on the groups of customers that convert the best. 

Try Using Pricing Upfront 

This is a tricky one – sometimes it has an amazing impact and sometimes it does nothing – but we’ve found it never really hurts. 

Many businesses are scared of “giving away” their price list – or scaring away customers. We think this is a mistake though. Anybody who can’t afford your product or service will never be a customer – so there’s no point in talking to them any further. 

On top of that – anybody who wants to know your prices (such as competitors) already does. They can just ask. 

So – experiment with displaying pricing prominently upfront in your ads – and see how it performs for your business. 

It might just be a quick and easy “hack” to instantly boost conversion rates. 

Conclusion – How to Write Better Facebook Ad Copy 

As you may have gathered – there’s no “one size fits all” solution but stick to it and follow the above best practices, and you’ll be writing killer Facebook Ad Copy in no time! 

The important thing is to keep experimenting and iterating your ads – and as we mentioned copy is one of the most effective ways of doing just that. 

If you get stuck, or run out of hours in the day, you can always look at outsourcing too. 

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