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LinkedIn Ad Specs

What You Need to Know Before Diving into LinkedIn Paid Ads

Linkedin Ad Specs

Social media is wildly popular. There are millions of people on Instagram, and billions who  use Facebook every single day. Brands recognize the advertising potential of social, and actively use video ads to engage the audience and generate more leads.

But with so many social media platforms out there, how do you keep track of the media specs for ads?

LinkedIn Specs 2019

Subject Line

  • 1200 character or less (including spaces).
  • Recommended 70 characters for best performance.

Body Text

  • 2000 characters or less (including spaces).
  • Recommended 300 characters for best performance.


  • Plain URLs within the text are included in the character count.
  • NO hyperlinked text.
  • URLs will be converted into links by Ad Ops for tracking.

LinkedIn Sponsored Content Media Specs

The supplied URL will automatically add in title and image, but you can also upload images manually.

Recommended 1.91:1 ratio (1200 pixels by 627 pixels)

Image upload maximum size: 5MB

Image upload supported types: JPEG, GIF, PNG

Image must be more than 200 pixels in width

If your image width is below 200 pixels it will appear as a thumbnail on the left side of the post

LinkedIn Sponsored InMail Media Specs

300 pixels by 250 pixels banner ad

File type: JPEG, GIF (non-animated), or PNG (no flash)

Maximum file size: 40 KB

Body copy: Suggested 1,000 character maximum (including spaces)


LinkedIn Dynamic Ads Media Specs

Minimum logo size is 100 pixels by 100 pixels

Primary CTA (below images): Maximum 50 characters including spaces.

Secondary CTA (above images): Maximum 70 characters including spaces.

Company name: Maximum 25 characters including spaces.

Choose a CTA button: “Visit company” or “Visit careers” button.

LinkedIn Display Ads Media Specs

Image size: 300 pixels by 250 pixels

File Type: HTML5 – must be third party served GIF, JPG, PNG

Image size: HTML5: 200 KB, Other: 40 KB.

Animation limit: 15 seconds for video quality autoplay; 30 seconds otherwise.

LinkedIn Text Ads Media Specs

Available in a variety of sizes: 300 pixels by 250 pixels, 17 pixels by 700 pixels, 160 pixels by 600 pixels, 728 pixels by 90 pixels and 496 pixels by 80 pixels.

Image size (optional): 50 pixels by 50 pixels.

Headline: 25 character limit (including spaces)

Description: 75 character limit (including spaces)

Knowing the specs before you post will not only help you post the most optimised ads, but it will also help streamline your campaign and workflow. Let us know if this helps!

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