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LinkedIn Advertising for Doctors – Guidelines for Efficient LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn Advertising for Doctors  – Guidelines for Efficient LinkedIn Marketing

Unlike professionals in many other fields, Doctors are much more discrete in terms of their willingness to openly engage on social media platforms. Considering the private nature of their work, it is likely doctors are reluctant to engage in too much detail to maintain the integrity of their patients as well as their practice, and it’s often deemed inappropriate for these professionals to engage with their clients on social networks.

One platform that definitely resonates with doctors is LinkedIn due to the control users have over the privacy of their profiles, discussions and groups.

Considering the draw toward LinkedIn by Doctors, healthcare marketers should develop a strong set of strategies for engaging them on the platform.


Benefits of LinkedIn Marketing for Doctors

Reputation Management 

Your online presence is the essence of your reputation. And what you say about yourself via LinkedIn is your digital reputation management tool. It is one platform and message that you directly control, direct and present the elements of your reputation and your personal brand.

Online Visibility 

Professional listings are authoritative and may carry added weight in the SEO process, so LinkedIn profiles can appear toward the top of search results page. The important distinction here is that you want to be found online… and not just by new or prospective patients.

Referrals and Networking 

LinkedIn reaches Doctors and stands out from the competition. It is a natural doctor-to-doctor communications channel and pathway for referrals and professional networking. Colleagues using LinkedIn are (typically) open to connections, networking and possibly, professional referrals.

LinkedIn Marketing Strategies for Doctors

  • Keep Your Personal Profile Up-to-Date

Setup your profile to establish your presence as a medical professional on LinkedIn by filling out every section possible.

This include setting your headline, expanding upon your experience in a summary, detailing each role and duties you’ve had in your career, adding skills and expertise, adding your education, defining your interests both professional and personal, follow companies of interest and follow top influencers on LinkedIn.

When your profile is completely filled out it helps to give more of a clear story of your past and present professional experience, which blends into building your credibility.

  • Network With Other Professionals 

Begin adding other professionals to your network from the friends, co-workers, partners and peers that you already know by synching your email with LinkedIn.

  • Share Your Web-Page Content Online, In Related Groups and From Your Personal Profile

Begin sharing content from your profile or in groups that reflect the practice areas your organization focuses on, which can either be content from your practice or relevant content from others in the medical industry. You can join up to 50 groups per account, so choose wisely.

After you join 50 top groups, share your content with all of them without having to manually copy and paste to each group individually.

  • Drive Traffic From LinkedIn To Your Website

Post articles on your personal profile and in LinkedIn groups from your blog to help drive traffic to your best blog content. Share a healthy balance of your own content, as well as the content of others. Make sure you have an easily navigable-site, for ease of use to anyone who may want to reach out, or perhaps even make a booking to consult with you.

  • Create Well-Structured Paid Ads on LinkedIn

Run an ad campaign on LinkedIn that targets other medical professionals active on the network. 

Are you trying to find new additions to your referral network? LinkedIn is an effective means of reaching the right professionals in a specific industries and roles.

Looking more towards attaining new customers? Target your ad to (for example) School Counselors if you are a child psychologist, or perhaps even to Moms and Dads of children if you are a Pediatrician.

  • Once Your Personal Profile Is Setup, Create a Company Page

Setup a company page for your practice on LinkedIn to begin connecting with professionals on the network. A company page acts as the profile for your practice that allows administrators to post content from the perspective of the entire practice, on behalf of all of its staff. 

Add a cover photo to your page, as well as a full description of your organization and its focus. Remember to also post job openings, industry news, articles, awards the practice has won and any other content that is interesting and could be of value to your audience on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a valuable tool to gain access to Doctors on a platform where you can be seen as a peer fosters higher engagement and relationship building.  After reading all the ways to use LinkedIn in your marketing strategy, are you currently using any of these tactics to engage with physicians?

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