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LinkedIn Advertising for Lawyers – How to Customise Your Content TO Your Profession and Target Market

LinkedIn Advertising for Lawyers – How to Customise Your Content TO Your Profession and Target Market

LinkedIn Marketing for Lawyers

LinkedIn isn’t just for networking. For attorneys, it’s also a platform for marketing your business. Lawyers should at least consider taking a glance at LinkedIn’s advert options for small firms.

Depending on what type of law you practice, many law firms are a little like realtors where they have the distinct disadvantage of having a big revolving door when it comes to their client bases. Once a case is over, away the client goes (at least for a while), and they need to find another. Even firms with retainers still need methods of attracting new clients to fill up their roster.

Lawyers and attorneys are often very thorough people, making sure they leave no stone unturned with the cases they work. You should take this same exact approach to your marketing campaigns to attract new clients, build a reputation for your firm, and grow your business.

SEO for Law Firms: 3 Basic Guidelines for Effective Marketing – The Bases

  1. Optimize On-Site Content for SEO

Every line of text on your site is an opportunity for search engine optimization. That doesn’t mean that your site should read like it’s just stuffed full of keywords, but by being intentional about what you’re writing and how you’re writing it, you could create more content that ranks well in search engines.

Your blog post or FAQ section, for example, could have sections of text that are designed to be a perfect fit for Google’s featured snippet tool, which puts you at the top of Google’s results. Being able to snag that spot will mean prime visibility, the opportunity to establish your firm as the expert, and gain a lot of clicks.

  1. Make Sure Your Site is User-Friendly

Many law firm’s sites are not user-friendly, so set yourself apart and make it easy for potential clients to see who you are, what you can do for them, and how to get in touch with you quickly.

Your site should be designed to work like a funnel, pushing users through a clear path to get to the end destination. In this case, the starting point would be the home page, and the final destination would be getting in touch with your firm.

  1. Solicit Contact with CTA’s with Contact Forms

You should use a deliberate and consistent combination of incentives or offers, contact forms, and CTAs to encourage contact. This is a crucial formula, and you need all three parts for best results. Having the chance to submit a form online and have a lawyer call you back to quote, advise or setup a meeting could become your new appointment-setting tool.

LinkedIn Marketing for Lawyers: Creating Ads

There are two types of LinkedIn ads that can be helpful to your firm. They’re both cheap and easy to manage from your advertising dashboard:

LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

Sponsored updates work along the same lines of updates that you get on Facebook and your LinkedIn profiles except that they show up on the updates feeds of potential prospects. Based on your chosen parameters, your update will show up on the streams of potential clients. To get the most bang out of your buck, you will be probably want to focus to which potential clients your feed will target. This can be done be geographic region, title, ages, professional area. This can be thought of general marketing — but with an almost solicitation type feel.

LinkedIn Text Ads

Text ads allow you to include a logo of your firm and a brief sentence or two that describes who you are and what your practice area is. Like the sponsored update, you’ll have the advantage of filtering out by parameters only those high potential clients. In return for clicks on your ad, you will pay a fee. Of course, this does not guarantee that you will snare clients, but it at least increases your chances.

Building the right foundations for your law firm advertising will help your target audience find you. This will enable you to grow your client list more efficiently without as much effort on your part. Each of these law firm marketing strategies will help you build those foundations and connect with clients who are looking for you.

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