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LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms – Marketing Successfully and Seamlessly on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms – Marketing Successfully and Seamlessly on LinkedIn

From LinkedIn themselves:

“To bridge the gap between the marketer’s need for quality lead data and our members’ ease of access to content, we created LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms.

Today, you can add a LinkedIn Lead Gen Form to your Sponsored Content campaigns. Soon, you’ll also be able to add it to your Sponsored InMail. These forms have shown to increase both lead volume and quality, making it easier for marketers like you to prove the ROI of your LinkedIn marketing campaigns. Bynder, a software company, for example, used Lead Gen Forms to increase leads from its Sponsored Content by 400% and achieved a 20%  conversion rate.

Our internal data shows that LinkedIn’s Lead Gen Form campaigns increase conversions by 2-3x when compared to standard Sponsored Content campaigns. Whether you want to promote whitepapers, newsletter sign-ups, or a webinar. Lead Gen Forms make it easier for members to connect to you while giving marketers what they want: accurate data. Here’s how to get started.”

That sums it up quite nicely, doesn’t it? 

LinkedIn Marketing Hacks for 2019

Top 3 Reasons to Use LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

  1. Expect To Get More Leads for Less Time & Money 

What’s the most critical metric for any ad or lead gen form? Conversion rates. This is also where the impact of LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms becomes apparent.

With LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms, you’re not only hitting a new market and leveraging the power of mobile advertising, you’re doing so with a tool that was specifically built to make it as simple as possible for your prospect to click on your ad and submit their information.

Because LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms prefills forms with info from their LinkedIn member profiles, your target audience can submit their information in just one click. Less friction means more submissions. You can drive more leads for each ad dollar you spend on LinkedIn compared to traditional form-fills.

     2. Garner New Lead Information 

Anyone who has set up an email submission form knows there’s always a balance between asking for more information to get a better sense of who your audience is, and asking as few questions as possible to make signup a breeze and keep conversion rates high. With LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms, you can escape the double-edged sword. Lead Gen Forms are prefilled with information from LinkedIn members’ profiles. Include questions about location, profession, or company without expecting people to type out additional information.

     3. You’ll Get the Right Responses from the Right Audience

Social media marketing is hard to get right. With 24/7 content schedules, a new platform booming and dying each month and content that feels too short to take seriously, many marketers write it off as not worth the investment. However, once you find the social media that speaks to your audience, you’ll start to see the return on investment.

How To Setup LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

To get started with Lead Gen Forms you’ll want to create a promoted content ad – this is the only format that supports the feature. 

Next, you’ll be asked whether you want to increase traffic with your ad or generate leads using Lead Gen Forms. Naturally, you’ll need to select the second option to use this feature.

Once you’ve named your campaign and selected Lead Gen Forms you’ll be asked to choose which post you want to sponsor – or create new sponsored content from scratch. You can also go to Campaign manager and create Lead Gen Forms for existing campaigns.

Once you’ve chosen (or created) the content you want to promote, you’ll be asked to create your form template. You can either choose the default format or create your own!

Take note: You WILL need a valid URL for your privacy policy page!

Next, you can choose which details LinkedIn collects from user accounts (a maximum of seven fields). First name, last name and email address are selected by default but you can also request additional contact, location and professional details that your Lead Gen Form will automatically collect.

The final step is to choose the thank-you message you want users to see after they submit.

Remember to setup a system that pushes e-mail responses from when the user submits their contact details, through to a representative who can field calls and correspond with leads instantly. 

Need some help setting up a Lead Gen form, or even a new LinkedIn marketing campaign? Get in touch with us today! 

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