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LinkedIn Marketing Hacks for 2019

LinkedIn Marketing Hacks for 2019

LinkedIn Marketing Hacks for 2019

Through the years, LinkedIn continues to grow as a platform to generate quality leads for businesses. In fact, 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn, and fully 79% of B2B marketers say that LinkedIn has been an effective avenue for lead generation.

Whatever your business goals are, whether to have wider visibility, to increase product sales, to improve customer service or to grow brand awareness, there is so much to gain by using LinkedIn to promote your products or services. These goals are practically attainable by having a solid LinkedIn marketing plan.

LinkedIn Hacks 2019 – More Leads! More Sales!

  1. Don’t Inadvertently Promote Your Competitors

Ever noticed how when you look at someone’s profile, there’s that “People Also Viewed” section in the right-hand column? Often, the people listed in “People Also Viewed” are your competitors. You are literally giving users a link to your competitors – from YOUR page! Here’s how to fix it:

Go to the “Me” tab in the top right hand side of your profile

Click “Settings & Privacy” from the pop-up menu that will appear when you click

Go to the Privacy tab of the next screen

Find “Viewers of this profile also viewed” in the list. Turn it off! You’ll keep more people on your profile page and off somebody else’s page.

  1. Get Past The E-Mail Requirement For Connections

When you connect with some people on LinkedIn, the system will require you to give their email address as proof that you know them (and are not just sending spam connection invites).

This can shut an invite down quick. But if you use the mobile version, you are much less likely to hit that email wall. The mobile system will let your invite right on through. There’s another way to get around this connection block, too. It’s through groups. If you’re in the same group as your target, you can send them a message. Even if you aren’t connected.

  • Go to the group’s main page.
  • Click the count of how many people are in the group.
  • Search for your target’s name in the list.
  • Once you’ve found them, click the envelope icon to send your message.
  1. Create a Custom URL

This is just another little trick that will make you look like you’re a LinkedIn pro. It’ll also give you a nice-looking URL to put on a business card.

  • To create a custom URL for your LinkedIn profile, log into LinkedIn and go to your profile page by clicking “View Profile”.
  • Click “Edit public profile & URL” in the right-hand column:
  • In the right-hand column of the next page, you’ll see the URL editor.
  • You get 5-30 characters for your custom URL, but those characters can’t include spaces or special characters.

In summary, LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for connecting with other professionals and growing your business at the same time.

Some of the hacks above will help you to efficiently and quickly grow your business through LinkedIn, increase your online presence and authority – but best of all – you won’t have to spend a cent doing it!

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