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How to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to get New Clients

How to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to get New Clients

What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a membership option on LinkedIn. It assists sales organizations and professionals to develop more personalized relationships with their future prospects and their customers. It does this through the ability to monitor different activities, the option to search for your highly targeted and ideal customer, as well as look for similar prospects to reach out to. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a tool created to enhance your sales performance and boost your sales methods! 

Take a look at some of our tips on how to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to get new clients!

How to get new clients:

Get more out of your premium profile by targeting people with “Open Profiles”.

People with open profiles are often more receptive to receiving messages and being contacted. A bonus is that these messages won’t count towards your InMail Quota – meaning, you can save your 20/30/50 InMail messages for potential leads, without open profiles, you truly believe in!

Use Advanced Filters to identify your ideal customer and come across more targeted leads.

TIP: Save time by using Save Searches – this will save your search on the advanced filters so you don’t continuously have to fill it out to find your ideal customer. 

Don’t come off impersonal.

You want to show your leads that you are a genuine person. You can use Shared Experiences to help make your interaction more personal. This means that if you both went to the same university, or both lived in the same city, or both have a similar hobby – mentioning this point of similarity in your message or subject line will increase your chances of getting a response.

Additionally, you can use the filter Posted on LinkedIn in the past 30 Days and you can engage with customers who have recently been active on LinkedIn, as well as engage with their posted content, making your interaction more personal. 

Save Leads/Accounts you want to monitor.

By doing this you are able to stay up to date on any major changes or news going on in your lead’s organization or role (such as company announcements and promotions). You can further this by setting Alerts that can trigger your next move. For example, if an alert is set for a job type and one of your leads gets a new role, you now know your next move is to find a new point of contact for that organization.

Look for similar prospects!

The “similar” button will do that for you. Definitely an easy way of contacting the right people.

linkedin sales navigator view similar prospects

Remember to make your profile look attractive!

You are contacting prospects from a personal LinkedIn profile, not your company. However, your profile is a representation of you AND your company. Meaning, you must ensure you look professional, make sure you are showing you have the required skills you are offering and look like you are in the know. This will create a level of trust and comfort.

Here are just a few tips to take into consideration when starting with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. LinkedIn is an extremely beneficial method to generate more leads, especially within B2B. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an improvement on what was already working! 

If you are looking to get into LinkedIn Ads and need some assistance feel free to fill in the form below and we will get back to you! 

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