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LinkedIn Sponsored InMail vs LinkedIn Lead Ads vs LinkedIn Sponsored Content

LinkedIn Sponsored InMail vs LinkedIn Lead Ads vs LinkedIn Sponsored Content

LinkedIn Sponsored InMail vs LinkedIn Lead Ads vs LinkedIn Sponsored Content

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LinkedIn: home to a social network of over 500 million active professionals. That’s , quite bluntly put, a whole lot of users, and more importantly, a lot of potential professionals that you can directly target! But which of the various types of LinkedIn ads offered are best for your business?

LinkedIn has refined their tools over time. Creating a more interesting and useful experience than ever. A great place for you to get your message out there. LinkedIn has actively improved their platform with better mobile apps, rich content availability, spam negation, premium apps and of course – great ad formats that will resonate with the audience YOU want to engage.

Sponsored E-Mail vs Lead Ads vs Sponsored Content – Differences Explained

Sponsored InMail is the newest self-service advertising product from LinkedIn. Like the Paid InMail that comes with premium accounts, Sponsored InMail lets you target users that you’re not yet connected with by catching their attention with a message that appears in their LinkedIn inboxes. In a way, Sponsored InMail is Paid InMail on steroids. Instead of being limited to a set number on a monthly basis or restricted by how much manpower you can spend shooting off InMail, this allows for one-to-many communication. Like the other forms of advertising mentioned here, you can use LinkedIn’s ad targeting parameters to pick your best fit audience. Your ad/message isn’t delivered to a targeted member until they actually log into LinkedIn. Sponsored InMail may be a great ad format to follow if your goal includes attracting more leads, having a higher conversion rate of a higher quality, sending personalized invites to webinars and other events, targeting promotions to the right audience and promoting content, such as downloadable e-books.

Lead Ads were LinkedIn’s original targeted self-service advertising offering. Your text and image options are limited, but you’re likely to achieve a lower CPC with these ads. This ad option allows you to serve advertising to your targeted audience across LinkedIn. You’ll notice these ads on the top and right hand side of many LinkedIn pages. Lead Ads may be your best option if your intent is to get started on ads quickly, set your own budget, choose your audience with B2B filters, track conversions and have the freedom to choose your model, between cost-per-click or cost-per-thousand impressions

Sponsored Content Ads, also called sponsored updates, appear in the social media feeds of your target audience. They can be either organic posts that you promote to a targeted audience, or you can create them as direct sponsored content. Direct sponsored content updates are never visible on your company page and are generally only viewable by the audience you’re targeting. Sponsored Content Ads are the right choice if your goal is to: Increase awareness for your brand, entice users to click though to a new landing page, attract more followers for your company, get more impressions and clicks on desktop, tablet and mobile and use with LinkedIn’s lead generation forms.

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