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LinkedIn Video Ads – What You Need to Know About This Growing Trend

LinkedIn Video Ads – What You Need to Know About This Growing Trend

LinkedIn Video Ads

Video-first has become an overarching theme for consumer brands, and the B2B segment is quickly catching up. So it comes as no surprise that after successfully launching member video in August, LinkedIn, the number one social platform for B2B advertising, followed up with two ad offerings: video for Sponsored Content and Company Pages.

The new ad products officially became available to all brands last month, and I’ve already seen several B2B brands roll out video ads with lead gen forms to capture in-market business audiences.

How Do LinkedIn Video Ads Work?

Thanks to LinkedIn’s new video functionality, you’re now able to easily upload video content directly to the LinkedIn website instead of including a third-party link, like one from YouTube; you can now not only post videos to your personal or company pages, but you can advertise with them, as well!

There are two main ways to use LinkedIn video ads. The first is through a Sponsored Content campaign, which is posted as part of your company page’s social presence. Instead of attaching itself to a separate video as a pre-roll ad, Sponsored Content video ads live directly in your LinkedIn newsfeed. Think of it like a Facebook sponsored post that shows up on your company’s timeline (similar to when you ‘Boost’ a regular post).

The second option is a Direct Sponsored Content video ad. Direct Sponsored Content is a targeted video ad for specific audiences, similar to the way most Facebook ads function. Because of the wealth of information LinkedIn users provide about their professional lives, LinkedIn’s built-in analytics tracking has a lot of options, allowing you to search for customized audiences based on company name, industry, job title, seniority, or skills.

Advantages of LinkedIn Video Ads

  1. Keep your brand safe

While brand safety is still a new (and subjective) metric for performance marketers, those who prioritize transparency and quality in their media buys, LinkedIn’s quality environment for branded video campaigns is an obvious differentiator.

  1. Dual purpose benefit – video ads work for performance marketing and brand awareness

Marketer use Sponsored Content across the full funnel to capture attention at the awareness stage, capture interest and drive qualified traffic to the website, and convert “warm” leads through LinkedIn’s integrated Lead Gen Forms. Performance marketers can use Direct Sponsored Content to customize video ads for specific audiences or test ads – without publishing on the Company Page.

  1. Metrics show ROI

LinkedIn provides extensive metrics to measure your video campaign’s success through insights about the type of audiences watching and engaging with the campaign, as well as track clicks from video to website. By using the platform’s conversion tracking powered by the LinkedIn Insight Tag, marketers can see post-click and view-through conversions of their LinkedIn ad campaigns.

Have you successfully implemented LinkedIn video ads into your marketing strategy? We’d love to hear your success stories!

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