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Outsourced SEO: How an External SEO Company Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

Outsourced SEO: How an External SEO Company Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

SEO and digital marketing – closely related but slightly different – are methods of marketing used by any company looking for alternate, engaging and cost-effective ways to draw in more leads every day.

Not everyone has the know-how of how to correctly optimise website landing pages, cash in on conversion-optimisation techniques and write engaging, White-Hat SEO  articles that will draw in potential customers to their websites; you know your business, and you can’t be expected to know how to handle every possible aspect of it – so you are typically left with one of two options. Hire a permanent employee to handle all your SEO requirements, or outsource an SEO expert company to handle it.

Hiring a permanent employee to handle your SEO requirements may be a risky consideration – you would need someone who can handle all aspects of SEO – and they typically don’t come cheap. There is always the risk of the person misrepresenting your company online (knowingly or unknowingly), stating they have the know-how, only to find out they don’t – and also the risk of taking on a permanent cost for an asset you are not entirely sure of.

Outsourcing your SEO has multiple layers of benefit to it.


Benefits of Outsourced SEO

Most SEO companies offer more than just SEO; they will be able to advise you on what type of marketing to opt for, at various stages of your marketing plan. They can activate, run and monitor PPC and CPC – in conjunction with SEO. This is particularly helpful in the case where your business has just started out, as SEO takes a while to yield tangible results. A responsible SEO company will show you the progress your SEO efforts are making, and adjust future efforts accordingly.

Another huge benefit of outsourcing your SEO is that contracts are typically performance-based; if you don’t like the work being provided, you give a months’ notice. No worrying about disgruntled employees who now sit without a job, or putting said employee on performance reviews if their work is not yielding the desired results.

Outsourcing your SEO means you are hiring an entire team of trained professionals who know exactly what to look out for, how to implement strategies to collectively reach the objective of the client – and doing it within a budget. They should also be able to advise you on how to bolster your business through other SEO methods – such as off-page SEO, social media marketing (paid and organic) as well as hot to optimise your website to provide the best user experience possible.

It is important your Outsourced SEO Company can provide you with tangible evidence of work provided – and just how it is helping your business. Without this, there is simply no measure of the work you are paying for – nor how effective it is. This can be in the form of Google Analytics monitoring, specialised programs to track and monitor your SEO efforts in comparison to those of your competitors – as well as find the gaps – such as related keywords with high search volumes and little results. Identifying these gaps allows the SEO expert to start filling the gaps with work related to – and linking to your website!


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