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The Best Facebook Marketing Courses for E-commerce

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The Best Facebook Marketing Courses You Should Take to Boost Your E-Commerce Marketing Potential

Note: We don’t earn any commissions on articles like this, we’re writing purely out of interest in uplifting the South African E-commerce space. 

One of the best investments you can make in your business is having a dedicated digital marketing guru on board.

When you’re just starting, chances are this person has to be you.

Even if it’s not, it’s always worth having a basic understanding of what your agency or digital marketer is actually doing.

Knowledge is power, after all. 

Facebook marketing is a fundamental part of many businesses’ digital marketing strategy simply because of the huge size of the platform and its great targeting capabilities. 

It’s the prime-time TV slot of the digital world, without the price tag.

So any good digital marketing education is going to include a few focused courses on Facebook marketing. 

What if you only want to learn about Facebook marketing though, or you want to focus on becoming a Facebook Marketing master?

Well, then you want to take a specialised Facebook marketing course which matches your needs.

That’s why in this article we’ve compiled some of the best Facebook marketing courses online to help you choose the right one for you.

Most of these options are technically paid but they all include a free trial period if you’re just looking to take a single course.

We’ve prioritised the list by how comprehensive the courses are compared to the price tag, to give you the best value.

So without further ado: 

1. Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing MASTERY 2020 (Udemy)


Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing MASTERY 2020 is a course run by the business Coursenvy through Udemy.

Coursenvy is a unique digital agency from the US which runs a selective list of clients while also specialising in high-quality digital marketing educational resources. 

We love their course because it’s all based on real-world experience, and they even take the time to respond to any questions students of the course have. 

It covers everything from beginner to advanced level Facebook marketing strategies comprehensively, and it has a ton of value for money included. 

It’s part of Coursenvy’s “modMBA” programme, which they market as an alternative online MBA level education in practical marketing skills.

Udemy also offers a “Udemy for Business” package that offers access to 5000+ other courses for your business, including this one. 

Overall, it’s a great course for anybody who wants a comprehensive and practical education in Facebook marketing by real industry experts. 



R 2200.

It’s worth noting Udemy constantly runs promotions, so it’s often available for much less than that.


Duration and Content:

Work at your own pace (unlimited access once you buy it).

13 hours on-demand video

37 articles

34 downloadable resources

2. Advertising on Facebook and Advertising on Facebook (Advanced) (LinkedIn Learning) 


Advertising on Facebook and Advertising on Facebook (Advanced) are two great courses by Megan Adams on the LinkedIn Learning platform. 

Megan is a self-proclaimed Facebook advertising expert with lots of experience in social media and viral marketing. 

We like the courses because they build on one another, and they’re a great foundation on the subject of Facebook marketing. 

You could also choose to take only one course, depending on your skill level and needs, which is great for saving time.

The beginner course covers all the basics of setting up and running Facebook ads, and the advanced course goes over some of Megan’s personal learnings and advanced tools for making the most out of your Facebook marketing efforts. 

LinkedIn Learning is also an incredible value offering on the subscription model (if you have a lot of free time for using it) since you can access thousands of other courses through the same plan. 

Check them out if you want another great introduction to the subject and a slightly more high-level list of strategies to expand on the basic learnings. 



R373 per course or R373 per month for a subscription to access all the courses (R201 per month on a yearly plan).


Duration and Content:

Advertising on Facebook: 1h 37m of video content. 

Advertising on Facebook (Advanced): 1h 17m of video content. 

3. Facebook Ads for E-Commerce: The Complete Guide (Udemy)


Facebook Ads for E-Commerce: The Complete Guide is a Udemy course by Adam Reed, who claims to be a 6 figure dropshipping entrepreneur and bestselling instructor.

We love this course because it’s written by somebody with real industry experience and it covers Facebook strategies for e-commerce businesses specifically. 

The course covers everything you could need to know to set up your business’ Facebook marketing strategy as well as Adam’s insights from working in the industry.

His approach is highly practical and includes a lot of examples, case studies and templates for you to use. 

It’s a great resource for beginner marketers and experienced ones alike.

Often we can learn a lot from analysing how other people approach problems and introduce new efficiencies into our own work. 

As a bonus, it’s also included in the Udemy for Business package if you want to train multiple employees relatively inexpensively. 

Check it out if you want a comprehensive and practical beginner’s course, or you’re just interested in his methodology. 



R 2000.

It’s worth noting Udemy constantly runs promotions, so it’s often available for much less than that.


Duration and Content:

Work at your own pace (unlimited access once you buy it).

10 hours of video tutorials.

9 Articles. 

4. How To Use Psychology To Create Better Facebook Ads (Skillshare)


How To Use Psychology To Create Better Facebook Ads is a SkillShare course by Dawid Tuminsky. 

Unlike the courses so far it’s not a guide to setting up and running Facebook ads, but specifically, it’s about using psychological principles to improve your conversion rates and achieve your Facebook advertising objectives.

Dawid is normally an instructor on coding and design, so we like his fresh perspective on using principles and tricks drawn from these worlds to setting up Facebook ads.

Even if you’re not a designer, there are a lot of valuable lessons here around creating the best Facebook ads possible.

We like Dawid’s scientific approach and the unique perspective he brings to the subject of Facebook ads. 

It’s a great course for beginners and experienced Facebook marketers alike.

Beginners get a solid foundation to start basing their ads around, and experienced marketers may discover better ways of doing things that help their Facebook ad game. 



Skillshare Premium is a subscription-based offering with a two-week free trial. 

After this it costs: 

R242 per month or R133 per month (on the annual plan). 


Duration and Content:

29m of video content. 


5. Scale Your Business with Facebook Ads. Learnings from spending $150 Million. (Skillshare)


Scale Your Business with Facebook Ads. Learnings from spending $150 Million is a Skillshare course by Jack Paxton.

Jack describes himself as a full-stack digital marketer who’s managed accounts with a total ad spend of over $ 150 million across his portfolio. 

This is again less of an instructional or “how-to” course, but rather a condensed list of his learnings from his experience running Facebook ads. 

This is valuable because there is often no better teacher than experience, and courses like this let us get a “jump-start” into these deep learnings without having to spend as much money ourselves.

It’s not a course for beginners, as you need to understand the basics of Facebook marketing to make sense of what he’s talking about,

It is a great course for more experienced intermediate digital marketers looking to boost conversion rates using Jack’s learnings. 

Check it learning from somebody else’s experience seems valuable to you, or you’re looking for tips on how to improve conversions. 



Skillshare Premium is a subscription-based offering with a two-week free trial. 

After this it costs: 

R242 per month or R133 per month (on the annual plan). 



34m of video content. 

Bonus: The Best 100% Free Facebook Marketing Course: Facebook Blueprint (Facebook) 

If you want a completely free option, look no further than Facebook itself.

Facebook Blueprint is a set of courses made by Facebook surrounding Facebook and Instagram marketing.

They’re great because they’re made by Facebook itself, so you always know the information is accurate and reliable. 

On top of this, they have a lot of niche courses for specific applications of the Facebook marketing suite.

Overall, it’s worth checking out for everyone since it’s completely free and it has a lot of valuable information. 


We hope this helped you choose the best Facebook Marketing courses to take. 

Any of the above courses would be valuable additions to your knowledge on the subject.

It’s always worth investing in yourself to further your business or the business you’re working for, because you’re the one asset you’ll always have.


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