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Types of SEO Content: How Can You Change Up Your SEO Offerings?

Types of SEO Content: How Can You Change Up Your SEO Offerings?

SEO is almost synonymous with article writing or blogging; there comes a point where 2000 word articles become a bit mundane, so how else can you keep up your content marketing efforts without beating the same horse?

Thanks to MOZ (which you really should be using if you’re keeping track of your SEO content’s rankings) has compiled this list to help us span out in our SEO offerings:

  • Blog posts and those could have regular updates or be republished on a regular basis
    Older blog posts can be updated (for example: Best watched 2017 can already be updated to show” Best Watches 2018) to reflect current trends, fix broken links and expand on previous thoughts. Tip: try adding pop-up contact forms to garner some leads while you’re at it!
  • Short-form evergreen content and articles
    Not every blog needs to be 2000+ words long; the good news is, with added images (make sure you add ALT text to the images), some outbound quality links and a shortened word-count, you can still rank just as well, in articles that re far less time intensive.
  • Long-form articles
    Yes, yes; there is no way getting away from them – they really are the best type of content to create. Consider other types of long form though – “Ultimate Guides” and “Manuals” are some great and fun ways to create long-from, evergreen copy.
  • Photo and visual galleries, are especially useful for product lists. Just make sure each image has an ALT tag, so as not to let your SEO work go to waste.
  • Detailed and information-rich lists of information
    “Forbes list of 100 most successful people in 2017” is a great example; not only is it an easily formatted list, but you can add text along with it too, containing links to other related articles. This can greatly improve your websites CTR!
  • Interactive tools and content, such as quizzes and infographic are a great way to not only pull visitors in, but to get them to interact with your posts and possibly even self-promote them.
  • Multi-page guides, as we mentioned in long form copy previously will work excellently. Link to competitors and quality outbound links to boost your results!
  • Data or complex information that is visualized – either infographics, charts – and fun images you can imagine. Remember your ALT text!
  • Video, YouTube or embedded video on a particular page, will increase traffic by drawing in video search related results.

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