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What is the Role of Social Media in CRO?

Cover:What is the Role of Social Media in CRO?

Social Media is not just for teens these days. In fact, social media has become a widely used and accepted tool for businesses. It can help your business grow and it can help your potential customers convert. But does your social media presence impact your CRO? Should you be spending time on your social media? 

Should Social Media Form Part of Your Brand’s CRO Strategy? 

Social Media is a great tool for businesses to increase their CRO. This is particularly the case because social media platforms allow users to become familiar with businesses. Simultaneously it allows businesses to appear “omnipresent” and visible over a variety of platforms. 

Having a presence on social media also allows businesses to help followers recognise your brand as trustworthy. This is because social media has become the go to place to “check out” different business offerings and often garners loyalty among existing followers. Additionally it allows businesses the opportunity to reach wider audiences at a fraction of the cost of traditional media. 

By cleverly using social media your business can tap into the aspects of social media that naturally lean towards improving CRO. 

Role 1: Enhance personalisation across channels 

One of the most important aspects of CRO at the moment is understanding your audience and personalising your offering to what they want and need. This is particularly effective on social media as it allows you access to a myriad of information about your audience, their interests and what they enjoy. 

Role 2: Social media helps build trust & credibility

As mentioned a little earlier, being present and active on social media helps give your business credibility. This in turn helps build trust with your audience. Seeing a business page with a large number of followers and reviews helps potential customers feel at ease spending money with your business. 

Additionally it helps bring the aspect of social credibility – particularly in the forms of reviews – to your business. Reviews are great for any business because they show that you are not just tooting your own horn. 

Even if you have a few negative reviews, responding appropriately to them can make a massive difference. 

Role 3: Humanise your Brand and Engage with Audiences

Social media helps with CRO because you are able to engage in a human way with your audience. People want to buy from people, not some vague internet brand. By humanising your brand through clever use of social media you can show your audience that you are – well – human. 

Additionally by engaging your audience regularly this helps build trust, loyalty and can even increase referrals. Referrals have become similar in nature to “word of mouth” which has a natural level of trust because someone else has referred them to you. 

These are all great ways to help your CRO. 


While these are just some of the small things social media can give your brand a boost in your sales and help with your conversion rates at the same time. By cleverly using social media, you can humanise your brand, build trust and rapport with your audience, gain social credibility and even grow your audience further than you imagined. 


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