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Why Does SEO Take So Long To Start Working?

Why Does SEO Take So Long To Start Working?

SEO is a long, tedious and sometimes frustrating road to take when marketing your business online. While ranking-related results take anything form 3 – 6 months to start showing up, we can see immediate results in the form of fresh, up-to-date and fully optimised articles which we can choose to share socially to gain more traction.

The majority of companies understand that signing up for SEO mean you’re in it for the long-haul; in our own experience, we’ve seen companies take 8 months to rank for short-tail keywords, and a further 4 months to start enjoying the benefits of inbound links. In the year it took to see actual results, an excess of 200 daily articles were written, published and promoted throughout every social media platform available.

But, why does it actually take so long for Google to rank your white-hat SEO articles? I mean, they’re helpful jam-packed with info and links – but you’re just not seeing results?

There are a few factors that will influence how soon your SEO efforts will begin to rank; these include baseline traffic, website design, domain age, geographic location, competition, and target market. If you have a new website, new domain name and fresh content without a business history it could take a while. Sometimes up to six months before you see results. Older domains with “matured” content could be updated to reflect newer, fresher content – a “life hack” if you will, as an effort to get that page to re-rank.

Google Algorithms are released on a regular basis; these algorithms sweep the web in search of any content that is in contravention of Google’s Best Practice Guidelines, and all violators are “punished”, by means of kicking their results off the higher-ranking pages, and actually making it harder for them to rank for that specific phrase again. Making use of link farms, spammy content and general black-hat SEO practices can – and WILL destroy your efforts to demonstrate excellent SEO.

Be patient and allow your work to speak for itself – going the black-hat route is self-sabotage and will only delay you further.


How Can You Ensure Your SEO Work Ranks – Eventually

So now that we know it’s not possible to speed up your rankings, it is possible to create you r content in such a way that when Google algorithms run updates again, your work will slowly and surely start top rank.

Keywords and Search Phrases

“Keywords help you drive the targeted traffic that you want to your site. With all of the changes that Google has made over the past year, this means you need to create quality traffic that your visitors will like as well.

When you can do this successfully, you have the power to find the quality clients you want for your business. It is not easy, but with the ideas above you have the strategies to make it work for your business.”

Your Domain Name

“At the root level your SEO revolves around your domain name. Does your domain have keywords in it? Having a domain name with keywords in it can accelerate your SEO efforts. But it’s not a silver bullet technique. Even domain names with SEO rich keywords can rank horribly.”

Your Business and Location

“Every business should claim and list their business with Google. It’s free and a great tool for improving your businesses online presence.”  

Your Content

“Your website content needs to do something remarkable. It needs to be written, so humans will enjoy it and Google will rank it. This is a tall order for any site to accomplish. It is a primary reason so many businesses give up in disgust after not receiving enough traffic early on in their SEO campaign.”


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