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How YouTube Videos Generate Organic Leads – How to Generate Leads (not just traffic) from YouTube

How YouTube Videos Generate Organic  Leads – How to Generate Leads (not just traffic) from YouTube

Not all content you create needs to be solely placed on your website. Creating the right YouTube channel with engaging and fun content is a highly untapped resource for businesses looking for leads – qualified, good-fit leads. Promoting your video content on your social media feeds will help spread the word, but the best way to generate leads via YouTube videos is an easy enough process.

Starting with your channel; ensure your YouTube channel is categorised correctly – if you’ll be doing a lot of demo video’s, opt for the Education category and so on. Add your official logo as your cover image; this allows for brand recognition if you are already established, or brand promotion if you’re still relatively new to the game. Also ensure you have listed your associated website – this appears as an overlay on your background image and will allow for further trust – especially with viewers who have never heard of you before.

Next, you’ll want to do an introductory video. This is a video less than 30 seconds in duration, and should serve two purposes only: introduce yourself as the face of the brand, and give your viewers a synopsis of what your bulk of videos will be about. Make this fun, engaging – and if possible- done by a professional.

If your YouTube channel already exists, or has perhaps been around for a while but gone stagnant, try “spruce” it up a little with new images, offers and of course – content.

When it comes time to create the video’s you’ll be garnering traffic with, a good idea is to create a video with a special offer within the first 10 seconds of the beginning of the video. Tell your subscribers to wait until the end of the video to see how they qualify. What if they don’t view the video and just skip to the end? Well, YouTube still considers this “watching time” – so even then, your YouTube rankings and authority will reap the benefits, even if the lead does not accept the offer.

Also ensure your offer related to a clickable link in the description of your video; this link should ideally be a landing page link to a non-indexed page, offering them the special. It can be a special as “menial” as 5% off you next shop, or a free item. Mention the word “free” and people will flock.

Pro tip: offering a free guide or e-book to your viewers will allow them to reap the rewards for watching, and may offer them even more insight on the product you’re hoping they buy.

In a case study we recently published, the special offer was “The Ultimate Buyers Guide for Purchasing Any Coffee Machine”. They focused mainly on the types of coffee machines they sold and retailed, and explained why each machine would suit a specific environment and why. Offering an e-book provides you with that goldmine of e-mail addresses and contact details, and in a way, ropes in potential buyers. Even if your lead is not interested whatsoever, your e-book or guide may convince them to make the leap of faith and buy your product – or at least promote it to someone else who may enjoy it.


Remember to create varied content; this can mean doing related videos with different goals (sometimes, people do just want a fun video to watch without buying anything) – or having a guest vlogger do an on-screen interview with you. These types of video content should not be priorities when aiming to increase inbound leads from YouTube, but rather just an added extra your regular and loyal viewers might enjoy.

Keeping your content regular, consistent in quality and value for the user – as well as not re-cooking the same egg over and over again is important; making the right offer, at the right time will however bring in the right leads for you.


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