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The 10 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Pretoria | inSyte Blog

10 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Pretoria Worth Checking Out

Though we’re more than happy to work with you remotely, we recognise there’s something about the in-person touch you just can’t replicate over the internet.

At the same time, we recognise that not every agency is a fit for every business.

That’s why we’re going to go over the 10 best digital marketing agencies in Pretoria, worth checking out for your business. 

Supreme Lime 

Supreme Lime is a digital agency based in Moreleta Park, Pretoria. They provide a full-service digital marketing offering as well as branding and creative solutions. We like their special introductory offer to audit your existing strategy for free.

This is a great opportunity to “try them out” before you commit to having them manage your digital marketing efforts. If you want to try this offer or you want a digital agency that’s willing to take on creative solutions for you too, go with Supreme Lime. 

JQ Digital 

JQ Digital is a Lynwood, Pretoria, based agency that provides a full-service offering from digital and social media strategy to graphic design and web development. We like that their methodology is designed around ultimately reporting on sales and their free resource, a 140 point checklist full of tips for optimising your online marketplace.

They’re worth checking out just for that, or if you need an agency with a wide variety of skills and services. 


Starbright is an agency headquartered just outside Pretoria in Irene, Centurion. They do full-service digital marketing as well as training in social media and Google advertising.

We like that they offer a free SEO audit service to evaluate your website’s existing SEO optimisation and that they offer the option to upskill your staff with digital marketing skills. 

Go with Starbright if you want full-service digital marketing with the option to train your staff in maintaining and upgrading your digital efforts. 


IEDM is an agency in Die Wilgers, Pretoria. They offer many digital marketing services with a focus on creating direct sales rather than leads. We like their focus on creating leads and adjusting strategies on the fly to ensure better results.

If you have a less lead focused business and you want to focus on improving bottom-line sales, consider going with IEDM. 

Chilli Media 

Chilli Media is an agency based out of Pretoria East. They specialise in social media marketing across all channels. We like how they’re focused on providing high-quality service in one specific area. 

Go with them if you want an agency who knows the ins and outs of social media marketing and can help your business create the best possible strategy for those platforms. 

Digital Select 

Digital Select is an agency that operates out of Fairwood Avenue, Pretoria. They specialise in providing digital marketing services to individuals and small businesses. We like that they focus on this often-overlooked market segment and that their prices are designed to be affordable for small businesses. 

Go with them if you’re an individual, or small business, with a limited marketing budget that’s looking for an agency that understands your needs. 

MBG Media

MBG (My Business Guide) Media is an agency based in Rietvalleirand, Pretoria. They specialise in corporate image management for SME businesses. We like how they focus on providing a traditionally high ticket service to smaller businesses, making it more accessible to those industries that can benefit from it. 

Go with them if you’re an SME in an industry that can benefit from strong corporate image management. 

Pii Digital

Pii Digital is an agency with offices throughout South Africa, including Faerie Glen, Pretoria. They offer a full suite of digital marketing services and describe themselves as “deep development” and UX specialists. We like that they still specialise in a specific aspect of digital marketing despite offering such a broad range of services. 

Go with them if you anticipate needing a lot of custom development work for your digital marketing strategy. 

iLEAD et al

iLEAD et al is an agency based out of Persequor, Pretoria. They specialise in the Google marketing suite and search engine marketing. We like that they’re a recognised Google Premier Partner and their commitment to creating long term partnerships with your business that goes beyond short term growth.

Go with them if you want a specialised SEM agency to manage your long term growth. 


SEOPros is an agency with offices in Johannesburg as well as Menlyn, Pretoria. As their name suggests, they specialise in boosting SEO rankings and website conversions. We like their transparency and openness regarding their offering, with price packages available right there on the website. 

Go with them if you want dedicated SEO specialists to help boost your site’s rankings, with a proven track record. 


We hope that helped you decide on which of the 10 best digital marketing agencies in Pretoria are worth checking out for your business. Again, we recognise that not every agency meets every business’ needs. So experiment to see who works for you.

Looking for an agency based in Johannesburg? Check out this previous article or reach out via the form below if you want to get into contact with us. 

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