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How to Create the Best Content for Every Client – Agency Tips and Tricks for Online Content Creation

How to Create the Best Content for Every Client – Agency Tips and Tricks for Online Content Creation

Claiming the title of premier publisher of industry-specific content takes time, effort and discipline. What most won’t tell you is that it takes a little magic, a lot of listening and some intuition, too. Over years, you can learn what clients want, how to create it, convey it and get it to work for them.

But how else can you really make a name for yourself in terms of being the best content creator?

  • Create an Content Publishing Calendar
    content calendar

If you’re not too sure what a content publishing calendar entails, click here to read about it. The worst possible scenario is you show up each day and don’t know which question you’re going to answer. Confusion distracts you from the work of content production. No matter how many days in a row you plan on posting fresh content have every question you plan on answering scheduled ahead of time.

  • Video is Your Friend

How long does it take to create a two minute video? About 20 minutes (from recording to editing to uploading)… How long does it take you to write 500 to 750 words? Longer I’m sure. Video is easy. Video will humanize your brand. Google loves video.

  • Stay on Topic
    stay on topic

Group similar sub-topics of information together as best you can. Instead of writing countless blogs with seemingly unrelated sub-topics, keep it streamlined and use sub-headings to your advantage. You can also cover a far wider scope by using this method, and Google will reward your clients site when they realise the article is more than helpful.

  • Work in Batches

Instead of trying to produce a new video each day, or write a single blog for every client each day – why not group together ALL the work for a specific client to be done in batches? Firstly, it’s easier to stay on track when you’re handling one industry at a time. Also, setting aside a single day to shoot video’s for each client (also segmented) will save endless hours of setup, filming and post production. You will thank yourself for this preparation. Too many things will pop up each day providing excuses for NOT getting content out.

  • Use a Formula

Trying to recreate the wheel with each post is a sure path to burnout. Have a formula to your pos; a nice, simple formula might look like: Headline, Image, Intro, Video, Transcription, Call-to-Action, Recap, Done. Don’t worry about each post looking similar. The video is what you want them to watch anyway and most people scan posts. Many will actually appreciate the consistency.

  • Have a Purpose

Don’t create content simply to create it. That’s a HUGE waste of time. Only take on a project of this nature if there’s a specific goal you wish to achieve. Make sure visitors to your content know what you want them to do.

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