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How Digital Marketing is Saving Businesses During the COVID-19 Outbreak?

A brief overview of why businesses are turning to digital marketing during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

With companies, economies and almost the entirety of the world coming to an aggressive halt due to the COVID-19 outbreak, businesses and entrepreneurs are left to scramble for any ideas, best practices and/or solutions to keep their businesses afloat. This is leading to the increasing and sudden popularity of many online services being utilized such as video calls (Zoom, Skype, etc), online lessons/courses (Udemy, Harvard Online) and no surprise, digital marketing services ( 

Why should businesses turn to Digital Marketing now more than ever?

  • Everyone. Is. Online.

When Bill Gates said “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business”  – it has never been more applicable than right now in this current crisis. 

Entire countries are in lockdown and people are not able to go outside and spend money on goods and services. When people cannot go outside, they go online. They search the internet, read blogs, visit their favorite websites and scroll through social media. People form opinions and create wants and needs based on what they read and see online. They then take these wants and needs and take action on them by spending money on various online goods and service offerings.

That is where digital marketing comes into play. It allows your business to be seen and to be found easily by millions of potential customers searching for exactly what your business offers. 

With the sudden surplus of daily online users, businesses with a strong online presence and digital-edge have had a major advantage over businesses that rely solely on face-to-face interaction. This suggests that online services that offer income-yielding solutions such as digital marketing are going to be in high demand as having a strong online presence and constant flow of online traffic and web interaction is going to be a powerful tool in fighting this major economic crisis. 

4 Digital Marketing Platforms that Should Be Utilized Immediately:

  • Google Ads:

Nowadays, Google is like a second brain to most people. Before you make decisions you see what Google has to say about the subject matter by doing research. You then form an opinion based on what you have learned and you act on it. Google Ads is an opportunity to play an integral part in this process, it allows you to be seen (and not only by the masses but by targeted audiences who are searching for exactly what your business offers.) This allows for high conversion rates and booming eCommerce.

With the current increase in online activity and people being forced to use online more than ever, it has created a major opportunity to create a competitive edge through digital and it is easier than ever. 

At the top of every Google search result is 4 Google Ads, often accompanied by other shopping ads and various display ads. It is important to run highly targeted Google campaigns so that when potential customers are searching for your product or service, your business is right at the top offering exactly what they are looking for. This allows your business to be seen by potential paying customers who are ready to interact with your business. 

  • Social Media Advertising:

Did you know that every 4th Facebook post is an ad? And did you know that +- 2.8 billion people use Facebook and Instagram every single day?

This creates a great opportunity for businesses to be seen while people scroll through social media. Creating highly targeted audiences based on behaviors, interests, and likes as well as remarketing to users who have been to your website and targeting those audiences with relevant copy and imaging to push engagement and sales.

According to recent studies, social media usage has increased by up to 20%, while engagement and online spending is predicted to increase exponentially. 

Social media advertising is a cost-efficient way to find new customers based on behaviors and interests and an easy way to re-engage users who have been to your website by reminding them about their abandoned cart or that they did not fill in a form as they scroll through social media. 

  • Search Engine Optimization:

This is the process of creating and posting quality content onto Google and then optimizing the websites so that Google gives your website a high-quality score and ranks your website on the first page organically.This means that when people search for your business or topics relating to your business they will easily find your website for no cost-per-click making it desirable and cost-effective.

This type of marketing is effective as it is a more natural approach to being seen on Google, whereas paid advertising can appear scammy and be overlooked. 

  • LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is a form of social media that is filled with active, interested and business-minded people. Advertising on LinkedIn allows you to target people based on their job titles, level of experience, interests, etc. This creates a very warm platform to find customers as you can hyper-target your marketing based on industry or job-specific product and service offerings. 

In essence, Digital marketing is a powerful service that is giving companies a massive edge online. This crisis has caused an influx in internet usage and digital marketing is the best way to get a grasp on your online presence. Digital marketing is a way to hit the ground running during and after this pandemic. 

“Never waste a good crisis.” – Winston Churchill

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