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How Changing Your Campaign Objective Results in Increased Sales

An Overview on How Changing the eCommerce Campaign on Your Website to Lead Generation Will Result in More Sales.

So often digital marketers stare at their screens and wonder why all the data and statistics in their campaigns are showing characteristics of a successful campaign, yet the actual conversions or transactions are not being hit. 

 Marketers will now go and change their campaign making tweaks to keywords, ads, audiences, and bids to try and increase conversions, however, the problem is often not with the targeting and the finer details of the campaign, but rather the objective of the campaign. 

Nowadays we live in a world where people do not purchase right away. People want information. People need convincing. Once they are convinced then the transactions will follow. *This principle is best applied to campaigns with services or products of high value*.

Changing your campaign from sales to lead generation can be extremely beneficial and profitable as instead of leaving it up to the user to decide if they want to go through your entire checkout process ( leaving immense room for dropout considering the average conversion rate for eCommerce is 2.63%). 

Instead, I have found a remarkable increase in paying customers by bringing in those customers as a lead, rather than letting them roam freely on the websites.

A better alternative is to let the lead get sent to your sales team through a lead generation campaign and let the salespeople do the little convincing needed to turn an already warm lead into a paying customer. This has been a very profitable alternative as the average lead generation conversion rate is 4.02%. This way you are accessing way more potential revenue than you normally would in a sales campaign.

At Syte, we hold ourselves to high standards with an average conversion rate goal of +-10% for lead generation campaigns.

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