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LinkedIn Content – Get Ahead With 5 Game-Changing Tips

LinkedIn Content – Get Ahead With 5 Game-Changing Tips

LinkedIn is currently the 15th top visited website in the world. In fact, it’s #11 in the US, right behind Netflix. It currently has 100 million people visiting it each month, plus every second two more people sign up. So, if you aren’t using this platform well, you are missing out on a lot of meaningful connections!

While LinkedIn is a social network used to meet new business professionals, it is not like any of the other social media platforms. You have to think more strategically as to what you want to share on LinkedIn to stand out amongst the 30 million pages of well-qualified and active people.

How you present yourself through the content you share has a big impact on your business and personal brand, so it’s important that you don’t just throw stuff up on your profile.

LinkedIn Sponsored InMail vs LinkedIn Lead Ads vs LinkedIn Sponsored Content

LinkedIn Advertising – Top 5 Tips for the Best Content

  1. Headlines,headlines, headlines.

An intriguing and relevant headline is critical if you want to reach individuals on your LinkedIn page!

Creating a high-performing headline for LinkedIn is easier if you start by doing a little research. 

    • Use the word “habits.” Headlines with this word received an average of 1,196 shares.
    • The word “mistakes” drives shares. Content using this word in the headline generated an average of 556 shares.
    • Integrate the word “successful.” The word “successful” fuelled, on average, 416 shares.
    • Use “leader” or “leaders” in your headline. Content that uses this word fuelled an average of 483 shares.
    • Pay attention to the length of the text. The highest-performing headlines have, on average, 40 to 49 characters.
      • The most-shared phrases are:
        • How To
        • The Future Of
        • You Need To
        • Why You Should
        • Can Learn From
    • Include numbers. Big numbers almost always create the extra intrigue required to stop someone dead in their tracks.

          2. Your CTA is the Deal Magnet!

Creating great content that draws readers in is just the start of making content successful on LinkedIn. A lot of time, people don’t achieve their full content potential because they do not ask readers to take that next step with their call to action! The key to successful social media is to drive action, not to create content that sits.

Creating an effective CTA starts with identifying your goal. After reading your content, what do you want readers to do next? Maybe your goal is to get them to engage with more of your content, so you might want to include links to related content on your blog, where you can continue building that relationship.

Every piece of content that you publish on LinkedIn should point back to a business goal and the CTA should be carefully designed to support and meet those goals.

       3. Don’t be Sacred of Reviving Evergreen Content

Be resourceful using some of the content you already have; well-liked blog posts and other written articles are an untapped goldmine, waiting to be shared and offer the end-user, AKA your potential customer – more value.

Sharing your blog posts or articles on LinkedIn is a great way to increase your reach, build brand awareness and spark engagement! Every time you publish a new blog post, make sure to also input it on your LinkedIn profile to share with your followers.

     4. Engage Your Clients and Potential Clients

Like most social media platforms, it is all about community and engagement and there is no better place to make connections than in the comments section of your posts and beyond.

Believe it or not, comments make content as you can strike up some great conversations that lead to post ideas. By putting yourself out there to have a conversation with your audience, they can pose questions and make comments which you can use to create relevant content closely tied to their interests, questions and needs.

    5. Remarket – Smartly

One of the best ways throughout marketing to get your audience to take action is remarketing. If you’re interested in re-engaging people who have visited your website, app or content, but haven’t yet taken an action (such as buying or at least adding to a wishlist), then retargeting is a marketing tactic you should try.

Website remarketing gives advertisers the ability to retarget their website visitors with ad content on LinkedIn. By adding the LinkedIn Insight Tag to their website, advertisers can match their website visitors to members on LinkedIn for further engagement. Advertisers can also use website retargeting with LinkedIn demographic segments for more refined targeting.

What are your favourite LinkedIn marketing tips and tricks?

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