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Shopify SEO Issues Discussed

Shopify SEO Issues Discussed

We all know a well-optimized site is crucial to running any successful e-commerce store, whether on Shopify or another platform, such as Magento or BigCommerce. What does it actually take to land Google’s page one rankings using Shopify?

Shopify is a popular platform because of its easy usability, template themes and included hosting, among many other features. With their app store, you can find just about any type of functionality needed for your site to help with your Shopify SEO campaign. While adding these apps can be beneficial, remember there is a lot more to SEO than the basics and you’ll want to consult with SEO pros if you’re looking to rank for competitive keywords.


Shopify SEO: 3 Most Common SEO Problems

  1. Rigid URL 

Arguably one of the most annoying  of the Shopify platform issues is that it forces the user into having to adopt a subfolder structure.

On a traditional e-commerce website, your URL for a returns policy would likely be, but because of the forced structure, this becomes For the product and product category pages, these are forced into and This isn’t something you can overcome.

      2. Duplicate Content

One of the most common Shopify SEO issues is duplicate content. When you have products sorted by tags, multiple URLs get created as seen in the example above. If you are selling shirts and sort them by their sleeve length using tags, you will get four indexable pages that will be showing the same content and information that are on the main collection page. 

      3. Custom fields

Next on the list of common Shopify SEO problems is the inability to add custom fields. Unlike other platforms that let you customize each individual page, category, or product, Shopify does not allow you to add custom fields. Like having forced URL structures, this isn’t the end of the world. But if you are looking to full customize pages and features of that page, be prepared to spend money on a custom theme that allows for modifications or has the exact fields and features you need.

Although Shopify is a fairly user-friendly platform, there are a lot of restrictions on what you can do. Most of the common Shopify problems can be worked around, but if you still can’t get the solution you need, let us help you out. Click here to get in touch today!

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