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The Best Lead Generation Companies in South Africa

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The Best Lead Generation Companies in South Africa (That Aren’t Us) 

Time again for another recommendation article, where we go over some other top lead generation companies in the country you might want to consider if we aren’t a good fit. 

No agency is going to be everyone’s perfect fit, so if you’re not going to go with us we’re happy to recommend some other top South African companies, to keep the local industry flourishing. 

Ruby Digital

Ruby Digital LogoRuby Digital is a fellow specialist lead generation agency with a strong focus on SEO and content marketing. 

They do also run paid advertising strategies and design and optimise websites, but their core strength lies in content marketing. 

Who they’re for: 

They’re a great choice if you feel like your business could benefit from a strong content marketing strategy.

Content marketing is an amazing long-term strategy for creating a sustainable source of organic leads. You set up the strategy, put out content that’s valuable to your target audience and wait for them to come to you. 

In combination with sound SEO practices, this is a strategy we can recommend to any business looking to invest in a long-term lead generation strategy.

Who they aren’t for: 

If you’re looking for short-term ROI, or your business is struggling to stay afloat, we recommend you delay investing in content marketing. 

Paid strategies are much more effective at creating immediate returns, and while Ruby Digital does offer these services you might be better off elsewhere if you’re not going to benefit from their core strengths. 

Shift One

Shift One LogoShift One is a full-service digital marketing agency with a strong focus on social media and content marketing. 

They are more focused on the social side of content marketing than Ruby Digital, and as a result, their campaigns tend to incorporate more cross-platform content creation. 

Who they’re for: 

As we mentioned with Ruby Digital, content marketing is one of the best ways of creating a sustainable longterm avenue of leads.

Shift One’s focus on social media content, as well as web content, amplifies this strategy by creating social communities based around your brand or business on top of this. 

As a result. They’re a great partner for anyone looking to create more holistic longterm lead funnels.

Who they aren’t for: 

Their focus on cross-platform content means they’re likely to be a fit for a wider range of businesses, but some of the same reservations we mentioned with Ruby Digital still apply. 

Content marketing is great for creating long-term sales funnels, but if you’re looking for short term growth you may be better off partnering with another agency. 


Persuade is a specialise lead generation company with a strong focus on data marketing and analytics. 

Less of a marketing agency and more of a specialised consulting firm, they aim to help businesses generate high quality leads using data-driven strategies and analysis. 

This is an avenue we can recommend to any larger business that has to sift through a large number of leads and is most interested in maintaining a high lead quality. 

Who they’re for: 

Persuade’s data-driven approach is clearly tailored towards larger b2b businesses, and they will provide the most value to businesses who match that description. 

We’re big fans of their data-driven approach, and as such we can recommend them to any other business looking to scale or maintain an already large operation. 

Who they aren’t for: 

However, if you’re a smaller business or just starting out, you may not get as much value out of their services. 

As a smaller business, you’ll probably be more invested in lead quantity than quality, because even if a lead starts out as a bad prospect every new client counts. 

It’s not that they’re a bad option for this, but they may not be an ideal fit. 

Cubic Ice

Cubic Ice is a specialist B2B marketing agency with a full suite of services on offer, from digital marketing to design and public relations.
They specialise in integrated cross-platform content marketing strategies aimed at attracting key players in the B2B space for your business. 

Who they’re for: 

As dedicated B2B experts, the people who can benefit most from their services are obviously people in the B2B sector. 

In addition, content marketing is a great means of scaling a business and creating sustainable lead channels.
With their focus on content marketing across platforms, they are a great dedicated platform for businesses who are already performing and looking to expand and grow long term. 

Who they aren’t for: 

Their specialisation obviously makes them less suited for companies in need of B2C leads. 

On top of this, their specialisation in content marketing is again not ideal for businesses struggling in the short term or looking for “quick wins” to keep them afloat. 


Olico is a lead generation company specialising more in B2C marketing. They offer marketing automation software, data services and outsourced sales fulfilment all aimed at optimising your lead generation strategy.

They’re also not really an agency, but more of a service provider with a variety of offerings that can help you generate quality leads. 

Who they’re for: 

Olico’s services make a great addendum to businesses that already have a solid lead generation strategy in place and are looking to upgrade or automate it. 

This could be those that already have partnered with an agency to help create leads or handle all of this in house. 

Who they aren’t for: 

As far as we can tell their services on offer won’t replace your current lead generation strategy, but rather supplement them to make them better. 

As such you already need some sort of lead generation strategy in place to really benefit from them. As we mentioned, either an in-house team dedicated to creating and closing leads or other partners to help you do that. 

Their services can still be useful for B2B businesses but are obviously tailored more to the B2C mass market, also making them less ideal there. 


We hope you found this useful. 

The digital marketing industry in South Africa is booming, and there’s no better time than to look for new partners to boost your lead generation strategy than right now. 

When choosing a partner, however, it’s important that you find one who matches your business’ unique needs and complements your own strategies. 


Here at Syte we also offer a host of digital marketing services designed to boost your lead generation strategy, which you can read more about here, or find out more by filling in the contact form below this article. 

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